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TRACK PREMIERE: Citrus & Katie “Sludge”

Citrus & Katie’s latest track “Sludge” embodies its title, dredging its way through your system and sitting contentedly in your ears. It’s parts garage rock, funk, soul, and pop, making for an upbeat fusion track that’ll leave you smiling....

TRACK PREMIERE: The Hamiltons “Take the Hit”

An instant pop classic with an old-fashioned twinge, The Hamiltons’ latest single “Take the Hit” is a timeless piece that’ll have you swooning. It’s a unique genre-mashing track in that it’ll transport you from smack dab in the 60s to...


We got a chance to chat with Brooklyn hip-hop duo Cool Company about their upcoming album and their musical history.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Infinity Shred “Choir VI”

Infinity Shred's video for "Choir VI" is a 3-D adventure packed with nostalgia, innocence, and a sense of wonderment. Review by AudioFemme.

TRACK REVIEW: Zula “Basketball”

Feel like taking a musical voyage? Zula has got you covered with their psych pop jam “Basketball.” While figuring out exactly what their genre is (experimental? psych pop? synthpop?) might not be entirely possible, it’s fun to get lost...

LIVE REVIEW: The Hush Sound @ Webster Hall

There's nothing that makes you feel old quite like seeing some of your favorite bands from high school showcase 10-year reunion shows of albums you can pretty much sing in your sleep.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Savoir Adore “Giants”

You know what the world has been seriously lacking? New music from Savoir Adore. Well luckily, the dry spell seems to be broken with the latest release of their new single, "Giants."

Winterpills "Love Songs"

ALBUM REVIEW: Winterpills “Love Songs”

Winterpills just released their latest full-length, Love Songs, which is aptly named because it’s a collection of songs that you’ll be absolutely in love with. The whole album is everything we’ve come to expect and appreciate from Winterpills, meaning that...



There’s something inherently chill and laid-back about HÆLOS, which becomes immediately obvious upon clicking play on their latest full-length, Full Circle. It starts off with an ominous intro track that leads you into an enchanting whirlwind in the form of...