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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Girl Gaze “Suddenly”

It’s time to accept this summer's end with the autumn equinox quickly approaching this Sunday. New Paltz five-piece Girl Gaze, formed out of a childhood friendship between Izzy Deranieri and Michaela Passero in Izzy's basement during the winter of 2017, captures the seasons' shift with their first single “Suddenly.” The lengthy piano intro sounds like a [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Ecstatic Union “Neurons”

  Neurons are specialized electrically excitable cells that receive, process and transmit nerve impulses. “The neurons that you’re born with are the neurons that you die with,” says the late Terence McKenna sampled in the title track of  Ecstatic Union’s new record. Lyrically, the track explores the intention to fully connect with the energy around [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Big Bliss “Surface”

Earlier this week, Brooklyn’s hardest working post-punk band Big Bliss released "Surface," the first single from their upcoming record At Middle Distance. Its melodic bass line and swirling jangly guitars create an anxiety-ridden nostalgic fog for the first two minutes until the release its chorus brings. It’s equal parts soothing pop and angsty dissonance. Under [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Bus “Bug Eyed Freak”

    Is the summer heat making you go buggy? I don’t know how the weather has been in L.A., but in New York  in the past few weeks have been hot enough to turn us all into bug eyed freaks. Hopefully with Bus’ new fast-paced and in your face track, we’ll be inspired to [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Smokescreens “The Lost Song”

Today LA's Smokescreens release their debut record Used to Yesterday via Slumberland Records. They released this single "The Lost Song," which was actually a lost demo from the band's beginnings, earlier this week. Its galloping rhythm, melodic bass, and jangling guitars perfectly combine to create this kiwi-pop influenced upbeat earmworm you won't be able to [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Lost Boy ? “96”

  Davey Jones, the prolific mastermind behind experimental bedroom pop project Lost Boy ?, put out my favorite new summer jam this week! Listening to "96" after scrolling through too many friends' family vacation photos and recovering from an ice cream binge stomach ache succeeded in making me feel less like an apathetic beach sloth. Its [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK + INTERVIEW: Elli Perry “Without You”

I saw Elli Perry for the first time in 2010 or 2011 (back when Brooklyn seemed to be at the height of its chillwave/synth-pop '80s revival), wailing her lungs out with an acoustic guitar. I was too insecure and intimated to start a band, feeling surrounded by pretentious dudes who only listened to whatever had [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Why Bonnie “Made of Paper”

  You can’t escape your past or the skin you’re born into. Blair Howerton of Austin, TX bedroom pop outfit Why Bonnie delivers this harsh reality in an unexpectedly uplifting package on "Made of Paper," the latest single from the band's upcoming debut EP In Water. It’s a bright, catchy earworm that warmly illustrates personal, intimate scenes from [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: The Royal They “Say Less”

Photo cred. Seth Applebaum Happy 2018! Out first track of the week in the new year also happens to be an exclusive premiere of "Say Less," from The Royal They's new record Foreign Being, which comes out next week on King Pizza Records. Although the Josie & The Pussycats comparison seems so overused these days, all [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Tristen “Crying on Christmas Day”

Every year I'm frustrated by the lack of new Christmas songs and wonder why we always have to listen to the same classics on repeat. I obviously haven't been paying enough attention all these years, because this week's playlist is dominated by new holiday jams. My favorite of these is definitely "Crying on Christmas Day" [...]

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