PREMIERE: Erin Bowman Lays it All Out on the Table in ‘Spilled Milk’

Erin Bowman follows the singer-songwriter playbook for conveying vulnerability in her new song, “Spilled Milk,” premiering on Audiofemme. The rising star made a name for herself when her irresistibly catchy hit “Good Time Good Life” was featured in an episode of season 1 of This is Us and promotional ads for the 2017 Academy Awards. [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Kae Astra “Medicate”

Photo by Pooneh Ghana Austin-based singer-songwriter Kae Astra isn't pulling any punches with her latest video "Medicate," which features soaring vocals, trippy synths, overreaching plants, and a farmer from a different time. Its verses describe the quest to heal inner pain, and the agony of empty solutions. "The verses explore the struggle of [...]

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In Fritz Lang's classic film Metropolis, the main character is jolted out of his privileged life and given a glimpse of the underbelly of the city, its workers struggling to survive while the bourgeois eat on plates of gold. New York-based experimental pop artist/female producer Dani DiCiaccio, aka KYOSi, takes the pleas of the proletariat [...]

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PREMIERE: Nora Rothman “dear / david”

In the era of #MeToo, a variety of voices have risen up to tell their stories of abuse. Seattle-based singer-songwriter Nora Rothman featured 26 womxn from around the world in the new video for her single "dear / david." The image of each womxn speaking into their phone, leaving a visual message to their abuser, [...]

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INTERVIEW: Rock Queen Super Group The Coolies Talk New EP & Fighting ALS

After being friends for decades, former members of The Muffs, The Pandoras, and The Friggs, Kim Shattuck, Melanie Vammen, and Palmyra Delran, finally decided it was time to start their own band together. Kim and Melanie first played together in The Pandoras and went on to form The Muffs, meeting The Friggs’ Palmyra on a [...]

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INTERVIEW: Eva Hendricks of Charly Bliss is an East Coast Glitter Witch of Empathy

Photo Credit: Ebru Yildiz “I look like a superhero,” says Eva Hendricks, speaking on her touring outfits for NY-based pop rock band Charly Bliss. She talks about of the power of creating a persona for performances with more than a hint of amusement. “In my wildest dreams, I want to be descending from [...]

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PREMIERE: The Shindellas Reveal Their Truest Selves With “Costume”

When pressing play on “Costume,” the new single from up-and-coming trio The Shindellas, it’s as much a journey as it is a song. The genre-blending act of Kasi Jones, Stacy Johnson and Tamara Chauniece begin by transporting us back in time to the 1960s with a spirited introduction that offers glimmers into each woman’s personality: [...]

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INTERVIEW: Lilith Journeys to Self-Acceptance – And Calls Out Toxicity – In Safer Off

When Hannah Liuzzo of Boston pop band Lilith is ready to close a chapter of her life, she writes. Perhaps she is closing the chapter on continuing that one toxic friendship. Or, maybe she’s closing the chapter on faking it for the sake of someone else's feelings. “I need to put it in box and [...]

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INTERVIEW: Montreal Duo The Leanover Discuss New Album, “Portico”

The end of July brought the first official release from The Leanover, comprised of Ali Overing and Lou Seltz. Written over the course of several years, the 7-tracks on Portico were inspired by the idea of liminal spaces - whether physical, like a balcony or porch, or metaphorical, as in the space between privacy and publicity [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Harlequin Gold “Take Me Home”

Photo Credit: Spencer Watson Life can change in the blink of an eye. It's a trope used often in ABC family dramas, yet we all know the skin-tingling realities of romance, illness, or freak accidents. Elle and Avery O'Brien were living on opposite ends of the earth when their brother was involved in [...]

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