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PREMIERE: Moon Honey “Life Has No Meaning”

The plight of the monarch butterfly may not seem like a fitting subject for a song, yet LA's Moon Honey tackles butterflies, climate change, and death itself in their new single "Life Has No Meaning." Don't let it get you down though. Frontwoman Jess Joy uses the flutter of her voice and a kilowatt smile [...]

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INTERVIEW: L’Rain, Spellling, and Boy Harsher to Embrace the Experimental at Basilica SoundScape 2018

Just a short ride on Amtrak from Penn Station, Hudson - with its quaint brick buildings, historic architecture, and riverside views - has become an enclave for New York City’s artistic expats. One of its architectural centerpieces rises from the city’s industrial past: Basilica Hudson, a sprawling 1800s foundry reborn in 2010 as a concert [...]

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PREMIERE: Billy Moon “Tangerine Dream”

Punk is a loaded word. It's been ascribed to popular artists as diverse as New Found Glory, Green Day, and Patti Smith. Graham Caldwell makes music as Billy Moon that expands beyond the label, gifting listeners with a tonally diverse album made for a record player's full turns. Punk Songs, Caldwell's debut LP, contains traces [...]

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PREMIERE: Cillie Barnes “Mudslides”

Vanessa Long is the woman behind Cillie Barnes, a five-piece "avant-pop" project out of Happy Valley, California. It's her Ojai style, her witchy lyrics, and her shaman (that's right, I said shaman) that make this band feel intrinsically LA. It's an easy aesthetic to dismiss nowadays. Every band north of the 101 carries crystals in their [...]

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INTERVIEW: Pecas Glows on Latest LP After Dark

photo by Matt Allen On their third album, After Dark, Brooklyn duo pecas creates a dreamy dance party that invites us to explore our own morbid self-reflections, embrace the darker sides of ourselves, and change our situations in spite of what fate had determined them to be. It’s a catchy and relaxing listen where [...]

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INTERVIEW: Jen Baron of Girls Rock Helps Young Women Find Their Voices

It's hard for a guy to interrupt you if you've got your amp turned up to 11. Many women know the feeling of being mansplained to or interrupted mid-thought with the words "just to piggyback on that." Girls Rock Santa Barbara is all about getting girls in charge and on stage. The Girls Rock mission [...]

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INTERVIEW: Jackie Venson Stands Her Ground With “Never Say Die”

Jackie Venson's music feels good. Its laid back vibe mirrors Austin, Texas, the city she calls home. In recent years however, Venson's music, like many artists living in the era of Trump, has taken on a bit more of an edge, her lyrics tackling the shift in American culture. "'Never Say Die' is a song [...]

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CHECK THE SPREADSHEET: Talking Tour Eats with Cassie Ramone, Sadie Dupuis, and Chloe Chaidez

  One surprisingly common tour complaint is not being able to poop for the first few days. Probably due to a mix of public restroom anxiety and not eating like your normal self would, tour constipation doesn’t sound that bad compared to “fire ass,” something my former tourmates have suffered from after consuming too many [...]

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PREMIERE: Ace of Wands “Float The Flood”

On the minor arcana tarot card from which the Toronto-based band Ace of Wands take their name, a hand reaches out from a cloud to present a flowering branch, signifying inspiration, power, creation, beginnings, and potential. It is with this offering in mind that Lee Rose, the woman behind both the music and the visual storytelling that [...]

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PREMIERE: Uruguay “Pretty Pretty Rampage”

If you have something to say, say it with style. Stepha Murphy and Benjamin Dawson-Sivalia, aka Uruguay, are looking to make a big impact on the world; from their socially conscious lyrics to their carefully curated clothes, they are two artists working their image from the ground up. "Pretty Pretty Rampage," their latest track, is dedicated [...]

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