press photo by Dave McMahon San Francisco's The Y Axes latest album No Waves addresses anxiety - both personal and existential - with humor, nostalgic synths, and the kind of emo spirit any '90s kid can respect. The band has a strong a visual component to its live performances, and we get to [...]

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INTERVIEW: Mima Good Returns with Light-Hearted New Track “Holly Golightly”

Mima Good is NYC-born and based songwriter Raechel Rosen, whose sound and aesthetic espouses a contemporary pop sensibility with a darker atmosphere of synths, organs and guitars. The result is a moody, soulful sound that somehow calls to mind both Billie Eilish and Billie Holliday simultaneously. We first met her last year with the Good [...]

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PREMIERE: Jamie Drake “Redwood Tree”

Photo by Kathryna Hancock In classic films, the setting is often established with a chorus in the background, a camera moving through the scene with care before landing on the ingénue. Singer-songwriter Jamie Drake utilizes many of the old Hollywood musical tropes on her latest single "Redwood Tree" -cascading vocal harmonies, a gentle [...]

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INTERVIEW: Madelin Lost Her Head on a ‘Mental Journey’ Interrogating Identity, Spirituality, and Art

Madelin pulses with sheer goddess vitality. Across her latest EP, a seven-song expedition of micro and macro concepts of the human form, particularly that of gender, sexuality and existential dread, called Then Her Head Fell Off, the Bushwick enchantress permits her voice to wriggle amidst waves of synths and midnight-rave glitter-dust. “I’m going to get [...]

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INTERVIEW: Sarah Burton Finds Self-Fulfillment on Give Me What I Want

As we grow older, it's natural to take stock of where we are in life. For singer-songwriter Sarah Burton, that introspection resulted in a dramatic change of scenery and inspired her latest record, Give Me What I Want, released earlier this year. On it, Burton reflects upon the lessons she's learned following her move from [...]

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INTERVIEW: Tanners Shares “Fumes” and Discusses Her Musical Evolution

New Yorik-based Tanner Peterson is the cowgirl prom queen the LGBT music scene has been waiting to experience. A Tennessee transplant, she’s had a diverse and international upbringing, spanning from Switzerland to Chattanooga (a moderately liberal artistic college town). She’s a dynamic, authentic artist, with an uninhibited curiosity and self-aware demeanor. In a dream sequence [...]

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INTERVIEW: The Blue Stones Confirm An Album Is On The Way

Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, alt-rock duo The Blue Stones performed at Bunbury Music Festival earlier this month after wrapping up their headlining North American tour. This year, vocalist / guitarist Tarek Jafar and drummer Justin Tessier have followed up their 2018 debut album, Black Holes, with several live music releases, including a cover of The Rolling Stones' [...]

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INTERVIEW: Taylor Janzen Talks “Shouting Matches,” Dennis Quaid & Mental Health

At just 19 years old, soft-spoken Canadian singer Taylor Janzen tackles big emotions in her songwriting, including navigating her own experiences with anxiety and depression. Through her lyrics, Janzen hopes listeners can see their own feelings reflected and reduce the stigma toward mental health. She recently dropped her sophomore EP, Shouting Matches, which follows up [...]

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INTERVIEW: Chicago Synth-Punks Pixel Grip on their Debut LP Heavy Handed

band photos by Alexa Viscius With “band interests” listed as “fresh cut flowers & cum” on their Facebook page, it’s no surprise that Pixel Grip’s debut LP, Heavy Handed, is about as sweet as a goth-disco record can be. Bandmates Rita Lukea, Jonathan Freund and Tyler Ommen grew up in Chicago suburb, Crystal [...]

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INTERVIEW: I.L.Y. On Debut Single “Unlie Your Lies”

Ana Carolina, soon to be known by her artist moniker I.L.Y., moved to New York City a little over two months ago, and has hit the ground running. The 25-year old Brazilian native left behind her marriage and career as a technical training coach for an Olympic athlete to pursue her true passion - music. [...]

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