PREMIERE: Fay Kueen “Atmospheric Zebra”

Experimental pop artist Fay Kueen enjoys blurring the lines between classical music and indie rock. The video for her latest song "Atmospheric Zebra" bends space and time, following Kueen around New York City as the city morphs and twists around her. The song was written in 2013, during a time when Kueen's US citizenship was [...]

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  Welcome to our weekly show recommendation column RSVP HERE - your source for the best NYC shows and interviews with some of our favorite local live bands. Providence, Rhode Island rockers GYMSHORTS join Dune Rats on a couple dates of their tour, including this Tuesday 11/12 at Rough Trade. Frontwoman Sarah Greenwell formed GYMSHORTS [...]

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PREMIERE: Stimmerman “Dentist vs Pharmacist”

  Parental expectations can be fraught with peril. Some parents expect their kids to take over the family business, some envision their children as doctors or lawyers, and in some circles dwell Alex P. Keaton types whose hippie parents shudder at the thought of white collar work. "Dentist Vs Pharmacist," the latest release from Stimmerman [...]

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PREMIERE: Lauren Rocket “Rattlesnake”

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Lauren Rocket is the embodiment of the word "badass," and that's no clearer than in her latest single, "Rattlesnake." In the video for the fierce, beat-driven rebel anthem, we see Rocket dancing around the house, ravenously eating sweets, and posing in an "Anarchy" shirt while singing lyrics like, "I like the [...]

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PREMIERE: Renee Holiday Covers Patti Smith’s “People Have The Power”

Patti Smith's voice is a hammer striking an anvil, her songs often come across as poetry set to a tune. In the era of fake news, Smith's work has come into the spotlight: she has been nominated for induction into The Songwriters Hall of Fame, performed at Pathway To Paris (a nonprofit trying to bring [...]

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PREMIERE: Maija Sofia “Elizabeth”

Irish singer-songwriter Maija Sofia's debut album Bath Time (Nov 22) is a lesson in history — particularly in history's forgotten women. Its first single, "The Glitter," centers on Caribbean novelist Jean Rhys and the displacement and misrepresentation she faced after coming to England at age 16. Another of the tracks, "Elizabeth," is about Elizabeth Siddal, a [...]

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RSVP HERE: A Deer A Horse Play Brooklyn Bazaar + MORE

Welcome to our new weekly show recommendation column RSVP HERE - your source for the best NYC shows and interviews with some of our favorite local live bands. This week A Deer A Horse are supporting The Art Gray Noizz Quintet featuring Lydia Lunch for one of Brooklyn Bazaar’s final shows. The Art Gray Noizz [...]

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INTERVIEW: Pauline Black On Why The Selecter Is Still Relevant Today

"I don't really think that history repeats itself perfectly," says The Selecter front woman Pauline Black on a call from Monterrey, Mexico, where the band was on tour. Instead, she notes, "history rhymes," adding, "I think that we're definitely very much in a kind of rhyming situation right now." In May of 1979, the same [...]

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INTERVIEW: WEKS Navigates Adulthood on 20 Something EP

Courtesy of Woke Media   Queens-bred singer-songwriter Alex Weksler knows a thing or two about the constant process of evolution that occurs as a person goes through their twenties. Though her folksy 2017 EP Air was released under her full name, her latest EP, 20 Something, introduces her pop-oriented persona WEKS to the [...]

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PREMIERE: The Brilliance “Facebook”

Something's brewing in the water over in Marshfield, Wisconsin. It's the home town of David Gungor and John Arndt, aka The Brilliance, a liturgical (read: Christian) band who has taken a turn for the secular, with political anthems that explore the human condition. The band's latest single "Facebook" explores our culture of celebrity and hero [...]

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