PLAYING PHILLY: APHRA and Control Top Release New Videos

APHRA photo by Megan Matuzak Between APHRA's solemn plea for "Love & Affection" and Control Top's wildly cathartic "Office Rage," this week's new releases in Philly music seem to span completely opposite facets of human emotion. That may be an exaggeration, but you'd be hard-pressed to find two new music videos that are [...]

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REVIEW: BHuman Has Landed With Intergalactic Queer Concept LP BMovie

B movie sci-fi and horror flicks are special kinds of charmers. The Blob (1958), It Came from Outer Space (1953), Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) and War of Planets (1966), among countless others, all possess a particular aesthetic: delightfully outlandish. Certainly in the 1950s and ‘60s, such bizarre fantasies and their bloated space creatures [...]

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REVIEW: Lizzo Speaks Her Truth at Final Stop of Cuz I Love You Too Tour

Lizzo press photo by Luke Gilford, courtesy of Atlantic Records. Midway through the final show of the Cuz I Love You Too tour, Lizzo let the crowd know where she stands on the drama surrounding the iconic line on “Truth Hurts.” From her purple pulpit with golden robes a-flowing, our patron saint of [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Liz Phair Lights Up the Dark Side in Horror Stories Memoir

  Liz Phair photo credit: Elizabeth Weinberg Liz Phair is a badass and always will be. Time has not dulled this truth teller. Her vulnerability is a weapon – honed and aware – and the world is better for it. Earlier this month, she released her first book, Horror Stories, a raw, unexpected [...]

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REVIEW: Sleater-Kinney Isn’t Dead

Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker carry on as Sleater-Kinney despite drummer Janet Weiss's departure. Press photo by Nikko Lamere. Sleater-Kinney is dead. Long-live Sleater-Kinney. I kept thinking these words as two-thirds of my favorite band played Milwaukee’s Pabst Theatre last Wednesday. Sprung from the riot grrrl movement, powerhouse trio Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Classic Albums By Women

The art of listening to an album—front to back—is in some ways, a lost one. At least, this is what Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy believed when she founded Classic Album Sundays, a worldwide podcast and website made specifically for album lovers that features filmed interviews with artists, stories behind classic albums, curated playlists and more. “I [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Austin City Limits Live Morning Broadcast

It’s a hot day in October. The summer hasn’t ended yet in Austin, Texas. Nevertheless the Austin City Limits Festival began last weekend and continues this afternoon through Sunday in Zilker Park - and thousands of people will stand in the sun to experience it. Last Friday, a smaller crowd had gathered to celebrate what [...]

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F.E.M. Collective Brings Gender Parity to 2019 Island Hopper Songwriters Festival

Island Hopper Songwriters Festival, a Florida-based fest that celebrates the songwriters behind country's biggest songs, hit the scenic beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel last week for its 6th annual 10-day stretch. Over 80 artists performed, including Kristian Bush, Ashley Ray, Jerrod Niemann, Carly Tefft, Ryan Hurd, Gone West, Stephanie Quayle, and headliner Rodney Atkins. [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Man Man @ Brooklyn Bowl

Man Man’s tech rider must read like a sideshow’s inventory. 6 sparkly purple capes 5 bouquets of paper roses 2 black boxing gloves 4 sets of keys 1 human skeleton (authenticity optional) 2 white fur coats 1 taxidermied deer head 24 jumbo feathers, red An assortment of hats 1 signing plastic owl That all or [...]

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REVIEW: Sara-Danielle Finds Strength & Vulnerability on “Healing”

Last month, Sara-Danielle released her sophomore album, Healing. The 6-track project finds the Canadian artist excelling in her personally-carved out genre - a niche that she's coined "Ginger-ale-pop" - atop smooth instrumentals. The project seeks to personify duality, as Sara-Danielle's lyrics live between several points of contrast. She sings introspectively about her shortcomings and her triumphs, [...]

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