ALBUM REVIEW: Pharmakon Leaves Us Unsettled with ‘Devour’

Pharmakon is Margaret Chardiet, a native New Yorker who sprang onto the local underground experimental scene at the tender age of seventeen. That, however, is the only tender thing about this noise project. A founding member of the Red Light District Collective in Far Rockaway, she has always been a fundamental figurehead in this subculture. [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Sheer Mag Grows Into Their Sound on ‘A Distant Call’

Philly four-piece Sheer Mag has returned with their highly anticipated sophomore record, A Distant Call. On it they double down on their infectious take on '70s arena rock and power pop that they brought to us on previous releases, but with a more refined finish; still they combine these classic sounds with a punk rock [...]

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REVIEW: that dog. Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Their Debut with LA Shows

that dog. circa 1994 - photo provided by band Anna Waronker wanted to take us back to the early years of that dog., back to a place where, she said on stage Saturday night, we would be "sweating together and smelling really bad together." In the early 1990s, that might have been Jabberjaw, [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Gold Child Shines on Self-Titled Debut

photo by Aysia Marotta Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Emily Fehler released her debut record as Gold Child last week, a moniker she adopted upon moving to New York City in 2012. A “self-proclaimed student of country music’s golden age,” she names legends Patsy Cline and Emmylou Harris as major influences, though her music itself has [...]

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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Highlights from Pickathon 2019

I’m somewhat of a veteran outdoor music festivals—growing up in Seattle, my hippy musician parents would tote me around to local festivals like Folklife and Bumbershoot, and several summer music camps throughout the west coast. By ten years-old, I was well-acquainted with dusty Birkenstock-clad feet, the usefulness of a good waterproof fanny pack, and the [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Mabel Falls Flat With High Expectations

Like many, I sat down to listen to emerging UK pop artist Mabel’s debut full-length High Expectations with just that, high expectations. The songstress comes from remarkable music industry stock, the daughter of Swedish singer-songwriter and rapper Neneh Cherry and British songwriter and producer Cameron McVey, known for his work with prolific artists like Massive [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Heartfelt Nostalgia of Tony Molina’s Tapes from San Mateo County

Bay Area indie artist Tony Molina has always had either foot in two worlds, which is perhaps the only obvious observation one might make about him. He maintains deep ties to the punk and hardcore scenes in which he cut his teeth, having played with bands like Healer, Caged Animal, and Bone Sickness in the [...]

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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Highlights from Bonnaroo 2019

Photo by Alive Coverage via Bonnaroo Facebook Bringing a one-year-old baby to Bonnaroo never seemed like an easy idea - an interesting one, but not an easy one. The average weather at Bonnaroo varies from an intense dust-bowl heat to a chilly, rain-infused swamp mess. Your days are spent trekking from one end [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Xiu Xiu @ The Chapel

Xiu Xiu, touring with members of Swans' live ensemble, played SF's The Chapel on 5/28. Photo by Shomei Tomatsu “Loner,” Thor Harris murmurs matter-of-factly, temporarily seizing the mic from Xiu Xiu frontman, Jamie Stewart. “Lonerrrrrr.” It’s a fitting accusation to thrust into this particular sea of transfixed eyes, as it’s just about halftime [...]

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SHOW REVIEW: Daddy Issues, Foxing, and Now, Now Deliver a Divine Performance At August Hall

I’m not a very religious person, but I do think that whatever I’ve lost from not going to temple I’ve gained back at all the live shows that hit me hard. That’s certainly what happened to me last Wednesday night at at the small-but-mighty August Hall, where I caught Foxing and Now, Now on their [...]

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