PLAYING THE BAY: Grumpster is “Crumbling” in New Video

In the music video for “Crumbling,” by Oakland punk band Grumpster, lead singer Fayln Walsh tears off her baggy '80s color-block shirt during the final breakdown, flinging her limbs with detached singularity in front of a golden-hour graveyard. Cut in between shots of the band playing live, this is the first time in the video [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Ihlana Niayla Makes Moves In A Male-Dominated Industry

Ihlana at Timeless Recording Studio. Photo by DeAndre Favors. Ihlana Niayla is a force to be reckoned with. Since developing a love for all things audio during college and in an audio/visual role working at the Cincinnati Zoo, the producer-engineer-songwriter followed her passion behind the board and recently became Timeless Recording Studio's first [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Death Mama Resurrect Rock with High Strangeness

If there's anything Atlanta has in spades, it's killer rock bands. But not just your good ol' Southern Rock bands: pop-rock, metal, psychedelic... you name it, you can find it, played with soul on a dark stage in a sweaty, crowded room. Blues rock quartet Death Mama is one of the newest - and loudest - [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Sour Widows Want You In On Their Townie Vibes

photo by Lynn Torres Sour Widows are here to educate the big-city people on the art of slowing down. “[Our music] has this lackadaisical, small-town vibe to it” says Maia Sinaiko, singer and guitarist for the three-piece Bay Area band. This can certainly be said of "Tommy," the preview single for their new [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: The “Strange Motion” of Swallowed Sun

You know that feeling you get when you hear a band for the first time and think, "Hmm, they remind me of...someone?" Most of the time - for me, at least - I may never figure out who this brand new find reminds me of, but they have a hint of familiarity and, most likely, a [...]

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PLAYING SEATTLE: Drummer Heather Thomas Opens Up on Gritty New EP

Seattle-based singer, songwriter, and drummer Heather Thomas has held it down on the kit since she was a kid in Puyallup, WA, playing in her church youth group band and learning percussion parts from her dad. Steadily, through writing and performing her own songs, teaching music, and touring with notable Seattle-bred artists like Mary Lambert, [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Twin Peaks Promoters Expand Community With Two-Day Twin Shrieks Fest

Twin Peaks Sessions organizers Jonathan Abrams, Rianne Garrido and Michael Donnelly. Photo by Trevor Skinner. While ascending the steps to the upper level at Twin Shrieks fest, I almost knocked over someone's plate of watermelon. "Sorry!" I mouthed into the dark, settling down to watch the next set from on high. The plate [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Oski Isaiah Enlists the City’s Best to Deliver New LP

Oski Isaiah finished out a busy July with the release of his highly-anticipated new album, Fuck A Job. The 10-track LP features assists from Aziza Love on “Anytime,” Monty C. Benjamin on “Over” and Jus Clay on “Business.” Fuck A Job follows up Oski’s 2018 album, Adventure 2, and a compilation music video released just [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Julie Slonecki Finds The Perfect “Recipe”

You know you've struck gold when a song is as thought-provoking as it is catchy, wrapping a universal millenial lament in twinkling synth and a beat that'll have you reaching for your dancing shoes. Witty, wry, and sharp, Atlanta singer-songwriter Julie Slonecki does just that, sharing one of my favorite songs of the summer, "88," [...]

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HIGH NOTES: Can Music Calm Your Nerves Before Surgery?

I was a week away from getting LASIK to correct my near-sightedness when I caught wind of a recent study on the use of calming music before medical procedures. The University of Pennsylvania researchers found that soothing music was just as effective as sedative medication to reduce patients' anxiety. They studied 157 people about to [...]

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