PLAYING ATLANTA: MammaBear Speaks Volumes With Latest LP SAY

It's easy to describe Atlanta psych-rock group MammaBear with one word: wild. The brainchild of band leader Kyle Gordon, a MammaBear show is an intense ride from start to finish, unlike anything most millennial music fans have ever experienced. As the band prepares to release their upcoming record, SAY, in March, Gordon took a few minutes to [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: This Benefit Show Aims to Scream Out The Silence Around Suicide

Jake Cramer of Morris Choice Entertainment is attempting to raise awareness around suicide prevention with his first ever benefit show Scream out the Silence. All proceeds from the show - featuring local acts Honeybabe, The Idiot Kids, and ZZvava - will go to Six Feet Over, a Michigan-based non-profit that is devoted to preventing and [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Rapper Cing Curt Talks Latest Album, Upcoming Singles in Video Interview

Ohio-native rapper Cing Curt first drew attention in 2016 with studio album Perspective and has since grown into a staple creative in the Cincinnati hip hop scene and a promising up-and-coming artist. This past year he released two new albums, Advantage Point and Problematic. We met up with the prolific artist to discuss where the inspiration [...]

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PET POLITICS: Meet Sundance Kidd, Brooklyn’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Cat Sitter

Sundance Kidd shreds on guitar, bass, and the mic. Ze never misses a note on guitar and seems to automatically learn any song by ear. You may have seen them in a whole slew of Brooklyn’s rock bands as of late, such as Gesserit and Darkwing. Ze has also made numerous guest pop-up guest appearances [...]

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ONLY NOISE: David Bowie’s Death Revived My Inner Rebel

ONLY NOISE explores music fandom with poignant personal essays that examine the ways we’re shaped by our chosen soundtrack. This week, Phoebe Smolin recalls how justifying tears for an idol she'd never known helped her end an abusive relationship. David Bowie was, at age 12, the first person (Starman? Twisted angel? Rock and Roll Fairy Dust Creature?) [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: The Pussywillows Are Atlanta’s Hardest Rocking (and Hardest Working) Indie Rock Duo

Photo Credit: Kara Hammond When watching Hannah Zale and Carly Gibson, the dynamic duo at the front of Atlanta indie rock outfit The Pussywillows, perform on stage, it’s easy to get lost in the effortless synchronicity presented. They are perfect complements to one another, standing toe to toe and side by side, pushing [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Robe-Clad Rapper-Producer Devin Burgess Will Not Retire After His Best Year Yet

Devin Burgess rocking his robe. Photo by @lunarthoughtfilms He may wear slippers and a robe to his shows, but this Cincinnati artist is hardly staying comfortable. In fact, he's busier than ever. Producer and rapper Devin Burgess adopted the laid-back ensemble after doing over 70 shows in 2016 and, deserving a break, jokingly [...]

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HIGH NOTES: Do Binaural Beats Produce a Drug-Like Effect?

I’m all about gaining insight from altered states of consciousness. But I’m also all about putting your body through as little duress as possible. So, I’m always interested in learning new ways to expand my mind without substances. After achieving altered states through hypnosis, breathwork, and ecstatic dance, I thought I’d look into binaural beats [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Catching Up with Atlanta’s Favorite Girl-Boss, Sydney Eloise

all photos by Maggie Salesman With a rapidly growing music school and a successful music career of her own, calling Sydney Eloise busy would be an understatement. Many Atlanta residents know her as the frontwoman of '60s-infused indie pop group Sydney Eloise & The Palms, but she's also founder at Little Treblemakers, Atlanta’s [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Singer-Songwriter Audley Wants To Be The Light In Your Life

Audley takes in a performance at his residency last month. Photos by David Chimusoro. It's been a banner year for Cincinnati hip-hop artist Audley, who kicked off 2018 with the release of his debut studio album Pink in January and just finished up a month-long residency at Cincinnati's The Comet. The weekly shows were named The [...]

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