PLAYING SEATTLE: The “Cosmic Glitter” of Golden Gardens

Cosmic glitter. That's how singer Aubrey Bramble describes Golden Gardens, the band she co-founded with Gregg Neville in 2012. She's dead on, of course. Their last album, 2016's Reign, is one ethereal, melancholic starburst after another. Likewise, the listening experience of  their newest single, "Desert Rose," is less a walk on parched earth than it is [...]

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PLAYING PHILLY: Big Nothing is Back With Debut LP “Chris”

When Philly four-piece Big Nothing broke onto the scene back in 2017 with their self-titled 7” EP, they brought with them an impressive lineage. Guitarist Pat Graham fronted the punk trio, Spraynard, and fellow guitarist Matt Quinn played with Beach Slang’s Ed McNulty in band Crybaby. Liz Parsons played bass in NJ punk outfit Casual, [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Leggy Talks New Album, Tour & Videos Coming Soon

Initially coming together in high school and emerging as a dreamy punk-tinted band after college, the Northside-bred, female-fronted Leggy has grown into Cincinnati's latest long-reaching musical output. They signed to independent UK record label Damnably (Wussy, Golden Gurls) in 2016, after label head George Gargan heard them perform a live set on the local radio [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Sarah Zúñiga Opens Up with “Heart of Mine”

Athens-based, New-York-born, Ecuadorian-and-Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Sarah Zúñiga brings an intimate sensibility to her unique brand of alternative-folk, blending sharp observation with the textured poeticism of traditional Spanish folk music. An alum of the University of Georgia who spent her senior year studying in England before graduating with a bachelor's degree in International Affairs, Zúñiga's emotive vocals [...]

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ONLY NOISE: Audioslave’s ‘Doesn’t Remind Me’ is my Sobriety Anthem

ONLY NOISE explores music fandom with poignant personal essays that examine the ways we’re shaped by our chosen soundtrack. This week, Tawny Lara navigates sobriety with a reminder from a musician who lost his battle with addiction. May 18th marks two years since the world lost Chris Cornell. The frontman for Soundgarden, Temple of the [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Music Resource Center Brings Teen Musicians Together

The Music Resource Center of Cincinnati is a stable home for low-cost musical equipment and artistic guidance for Cincinnati's teens. Four times a year, the organization hosts a city-wide showcase where the public joins the Center as audience members and Cincinnati's youth can put their talents on display. "The showcases are a place for our students [...]

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PLAYING SEATTLE: Simon Henneman Explores “Non-idiomatic Shred Guitar” with Cantrip

Cantrip plays the release show for Authentic Luxury at River Dan's on May 4th. Seattle has a vibrant community for free improvisation, and guitarist Simon Henneman is a veteran member. Since the early 2000s, Henneman has been playing at Cafe Racer, a local hang known for its weekly free Racer Sessions jam, and [...]

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ONLY NOISE: I Was “Too Old” to Love One Direction, But Fellow Fans Became My Best Buds

When Hedy Phillips met fellow 1D fans in their twenties, they became her support system outside the fandom, too. ONLY NOISE explores music fandom with poignant personal essays that examine the ways we’re shaped by our chosen soundtrack. This week, Hedy Phillips finds her people beyond the parameters of a boyband's assumed target [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Princess Tiana Remixes Ella Mai’s “Shot Clock” in New Video

Photo by Kayla Rogers Princess Tiana solidified her place in Cincinnati’s music scene earlier this year with her single "Trip." Since then, she's been dropping videos to tease her next release, a full-length project titled Going Places. The seven-track album follows 2017 EP Believe It, and although it took her two years to prepare [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Andi Kezh Banishes Self-Doubt with Bold Single “New Me”

Since the launch of PLAYING ATLANTA, I've had the opportunity to talk to some incredible bands, most of whom I've known for a while. Every now and then, though, a new local act comes onto my radar, and it's always a pleasant surprise. Andi Kezh, however, is something else entirely. A pleasant surprise, yes. But [...]

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