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PLAYING DETROIT: Jacob Sigman Releases Sunny Sequel, Episode 2

This week, Detroit-based crooner Jacob Sigman released an upbeat and earnest follow-up up to his debut EP, Episode 1. Sigman wrote and produced the entirety of Episode 2, which fuses soul, pop, and funk to create his trademark heart-on-your-sleeve sound. As a songwriter, Sigman has an undeniable knack for composing addictive hooks and sticking them [...]

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CHECK THE SPREADSHEET: Touring Across the Pond

Sharkmuffin charms Robert Plant The story goes that Jimi Hendrix was unknown in the States before he traveled to the U.K. It was only after his time across the pond that he returned as our beloved shredding icon. It can happen to you too! His spirit is still there, and Sharkmuffin may have [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Fred Thomas Mourns Former Friendships With “Altar”

As the former leader of Saturday Looks Good To Me and bass player in His Name Is Alive, Fred Thomas might easily be considered Southeast Michigan’s godfather of indie rock. Ever prolific, his third solo record in four years, Aftering, is set to drop this Friday. Ahead of that comes a video for his single “Altar,” a visual [...]

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PET POLITICS: Janeth Unleashes the She-Wolf Within

Janeth Gonda is a woman of many trades. When I first met Janeth, she was working at the ticket window of Brooklyn Bowl. Since then, Janeth has become the singer and songwriter of her own project Espejismo that has toured Colombia as well as having played out in Brooklyn frequently, launched a popular Brooklyn DIY [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Tiny Jag’s ‘Polly’ is a Piece of “Glam-Trap” Gold

Detroit’s Jillian Graham, a.k.a Tiny Jag, is a force to be reckoned with. The hip-hop artist released her first full-length mixtape, Polly, this August, and it is a stunning debut that paints a portrait of a gives-less-fucks-than-thou, brazenly confident master of wordplay. Graham explains that the record is a symbol for her break out of the [...]

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HIGH NOTES: Getting High on Ecstatic Dance

Usually, when I'm in Amsterdam, my plans involve drugs in some way or another. But during my latest trip (trip as in, excursion, I should specify), I had an impending ayahuasca ceremony, and taking other drugs in the days before you take ayahuasca is not advisable. On my search for a drug-free yet Amsterdam-typical experience, [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Silence Is The Noise Shares Beautiful Visual for “Nappy”

Detroit-based vocalist and songwriter Jewell Bell, who goes by Silence is the Noise. released a video for her single “Nappy,” which we premiered this May. Bell explains that the song is a “love letter to black women,” celebrating their strength and beauty. The visual is a flooring follow-up that sees Bell surrounded by five stunning [...]

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PLAYING COLUMBUS: didi Grows into Their Second Album

Out of the 90 minutes I spend talking with didi, 30 are consumed by parking troubles. Circling foggy blocks in the Richmond District ahead of the group’s San Francisco show, guitarist/vocalist Meg Zakany tries fitting their tour van into one tiny spot after another, only to eventually find that the reserved load-in space has been [...]

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CHECK THE SPREADSHEET: Talking Tour Eats with Cassie Ramone, Sadie Dupuis, and Chloe Chaidez

  One surprisingly common tour complaint is not being able to poop for the first few days. Probably due to a mix of public restroom anxiety and not eating like your normal self would, tour constipation doesn’t sound that bad compared to “fire ass,” something my former tourmates have suffered from after consuming too many [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Shady Groves Release Dreamy New Singles Ahead of Hiatus

Shady Groves - the culmination of Detroit songwriters Adam Fitzgerald, Dylan Caron, Jeff Yateman, Jamie Dulin, Colt Caron, and Sage Denam - recently released two singles from their upcoming record, Dreamboat, and both are worthy predecessors for an album with a title that hints at serenity. “Quiet Wolf” and “Backflips” stand on their own as [...]

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