press photo by Dave McMahon San Francisco's The Y Axes latest album No Waves addresses anxiety - both personal and existential - with humor, nostalgic synths, and the kind of emo spirit any '90s kid can respect. The band has a strong a visual component to its live performances, and we get to [...]

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PREMIERE: Jamie Drake “Redwood Tree”

Photo by Kathryna Hancock In classic films, the setting is often established with a chorus in the background, a camera moving through the scene with care before landing on the ingénue. Singer-songwriter Jamie Drake utilizes many of the old Hollywood musical tropes on her latest single "Redwood Tree" -cascading vocal harmonies, a gentle [...]

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PREMIERE: Beth Hansen Brings ’90s Electro Nostalgia to Late Guest At The Party with “Bend”

Brooklyn electro group Late Guest at the Party taps into the carefree, house-inspired rhythms, glistening synth lines, and instantly recognizable lyrical themes that ushered electronica into crossover pop in the '90s - surely a golden era for club jams if ever there was one. While their sound seems to have solidified around that nostalgic inspiration, it [...]

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PREMIERE: beccs Awakens Creative Feminine Energy with “By The Sea”

Photo by Katelyn Kopenhaver We last heard from Becca Gastfriend, a Brooklyn-based alt-soul singer who performs under the shortened eponym beccs, back in 2016, when she released her harrowing Unfound Beauty EP. The debut (and the powerful video for its lead single, "Therapy") chronicled her struggles with an eating disorder and celebrated the [...]

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PREMIERE: Loamlands Explores Southern Queer Roots on Lez Dance

Kym Register's voice is familiar, the kind of husky twang you traditionally hear on old country records. While the medium of folk music is timeworn, the stories Register spins have a modern slant, as they speak from the perspective of a genderqueer musician living in North Carolina. "We gotta love that's so hard to define [...]

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PREMIERE: Fay Ray “Up & Away” and “Restless Sleeper”

Photo by S. Fuehring Fay Ray is not a defunct new wave band. Okay, Fay Ray IS a defunct new wave band, but it's also a very active eight-person funk-tastic soul-pop band out of Chicago. The band's latest double single, "Restless Sleeper /Up & Away," is effervescent, the perfect taste of champagne fizz [...]

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PREMIERE: Studio Session “Audience of One” by GKCB ft. Elliott Skinner

Gideon King & City Blog, the critically-acclaimed New York jazz/ rock fusion act, teamed up with Elliott Skinner of Thirdstory to release the beautifully painful single "Audience of One." Skinner's trademark wince and emotive vocals loom delicately over King's grounded jazz guitar. In their video premiering today, a live studio session captures the pair's passion [...]

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PREMIERE: Drum & Lace “Outsider Complex Part 1”

Press photo by Ellie Pritts Setting a mood takes more than wine, moonlight and the smell of jasmine in the air. The right music can inspire love, or, in the case of Drum & Lace's latest single, fear. "Outsider Complex Part 1" starts off with a chorus of violins giving warning, their single [...]

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PREMIERE: Troi Irons “Lost Angels”

Photo by: Jessica Lehman Though she's not quite 25, Troi Irons has lived a lifetime of experience in the music industry already, having arrived in Los Angeles as a preteen and quickly getting caught in its clutches. Once signed to a major label, Irons is now fiercely independent, having released two EPs (Turbulence [...]

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PREMIERE: Anna Tivel “Fenceline”

Photo by Matt Kennely Border crossings are headline news nowadays, with stark images of children and adults being processed as they cross imaginary lines in the sand. Portland-based singer-songwriter Anna Tivel's song "Fenceline" paints a picture of what that crossing looks like and what an immigrant sees for themselves within the land they're [...]

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