PREMIERE: Studio Session “Audience of One” by GKCB ft. Elliott Skinner

Gideon King & City Blog, the critically-acclaimed New York jazz/ rock fusion act, teamed up with Elliott Skinner of Thirdstory to release the beautifully painful single "Audience of One." Skinner's trademark wince and emotive vocals loom delicately over King's grounded jazz guitar. In their video premiering today, a live studio session captures the pair's passion [...]

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PREMIERE: Troi Irons “Lost Angels”

Photo by: Jessica Lehman Though she's not quite 25, Troi Irons has lived a lifetime of experience in the music industry already, having arrived in Los Angeles as a preteen and quickly getting caught in its clutches. Once signed to a major label, Irons is now fiercely independent, having released two EPs (Turbulence [...]

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PREMIERE: Anna Tivel “Fenceline”

Photo by Matt Kennely Border crossings are headline news nowadays, with stark images of children and adults being processed as they cross imaginary lines in the sand. Portland-based singer-songwriter Anna Tivel's song "Fenceline" paints a picture of what that crossing looks like and what an immigrant sees for themselves within the land they're [...]

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PREMIERE: Aaron Rice “Neverfade/For Dusk”

Photo by Ashley Camper Statues half hidden by rising tides, buildings sunk beneath desert sands, a post-apocalyptic fever dream... Aaron Rice's latest LP Neverfade/For Dusk has a '90s R&B familiarity, mixed with an otherworldly darkness all his own. The opening notes of "In Time" immediately call to mind scenes from Blade Runner; Harrison [...]

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PREMIERE: JEMS “Like Myself”

Photo by Alexandra Palmer Everyone needs a good song to wake up to. At one point while I was living in Brooklyn, my roommate woke up every morning to "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes (believe it or not, it did not get tiring). If you've been looking for the right stretch, shower, [...]

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PREMIERE: In The Valley Below “The Pink Chateau”

Photo by Jaimie Skriba Back in 2016, In the Valley Below had an unexpected hit on their hands, when their single "Peaches" hit number 18 on Billboard Alternative Songs chart two years after its release. Living in Echo Park at the time, the duo - comprised of Jeffrey Jacob (vocals, guitar) and Angela [...]

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PREMIERE: Grizzly Coast “Half-Light Boy”

photo by Brendan Downey "Music as background to me becomes like a mosquito, an insect. In the studio we have big speakers, and to me that's the way music should be listened to. When I listen to music, I want to just listen to music," David Lynch told The Independent in 2013. Grizzly [...]

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PREMIERE: Montreal Hip Hop Artist Shades Lawrence Debuts “Turn My Head”

Shades Lawrence / Photo by Stacey Lee. We spoke to Montreal-based hip hop artist Shades Lawrence about her new single, "Turn My Head." The queer love track rocks '90s hip hop vibes and flips the heteronormative love song narrative. Shades channels her spoken word roots as she describes the butterflies surrounding a budding [...]

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PREMIERE: Beatrice Deer Returns to Her Inuit Home for “Immutaa”

Half-Inuk, half-Mohawk indie pop songwriter Beatrice Deer hails from Quaqtaq, a small village in Northern Arctic Quebec that’s only accessible by plane. There, she planted the seeds of what she would become—a television director, clothing-maker, mental health advocate, a mother and songwriter—and there she returned to film a heartwarming music video for her rendition of [...]

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PREMIERE: Brass Box “The Cathedral” LP

Brass Box by Jenny Rolapp LA-based band Brass Box will have you screaming "Heathcliff!" while you run across the moors in a long black gown. Their new LP, The Cathedral, out today via Dune Altar, paints a Wuthering Heights-worthy picture. At the opening, Brass Box sets the tone with "Bats," complete with a [...]

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