The Audiofemme Grant

Since its inception, Audiofemme has consistently sought to uplift the voices of female and non-binary music writers in an industry dominated by male viewpoints, and to approach music and culture criticism from an intersectional feminist perspective.

And yet, like so many other publications and brands, there’s still much more we could be doing with our platform to dismantle the status quo and create more space for diverse voices and ideas. While our mission originally focused on writers and critics, we’ve decided to expand this undertaking to provide institutional support for artists and creators, with priority given to BIPOC, and the LGBTQA+ community. In this spirit, we are pleased to announce our new artist grant program called “The Agenda.”

Stay tuned for updates on our inaugural recipients’ projects here, whose work we will be presenting in the spring of 2021.

Applications for our next round of funding will open on 01/01/2021.

Wsabi Fox

Em Boltz

Four / Four