• PREMIERE: Loamlands Explores Southern Queer Roots on Lez Dance

    Kym Register's voice is familiar, the kind of husky twang you traditionally hear on old country records. While the medium of folk music is timeworn, the stories Register spins have a modern slant, as they speak from the perspective of a genderqueer musician living in [...]

  • PREMIERE: Fay Ray “Up & Away” and “Restless Sleeper”

    Photo by S. Fuehring Fay Ray is not a defunct new wave band. Okay, Fay Ray IS a defunct new wave band, but it's also a very active eight-person funk-tastic soul-pop band out of Chicago. The band's latest double single, "Restless Sleeper /Up [...]

  • LIVE REVIEW: Xiu Xiu @ The Chapel

    Xiu Xiu, touring with members of Swans' live ensemble, played SF's The Chapel on 5/28. Photo by Shomei Tomatsu “Loner,” Thor Harris murmurs matter-of-factly, temporarily seizing the mic from Xiu Xiu frontman, Jamie Stewart. “Lonerrrrrr.” It’s a fitting accusation to thrust into this [...]

  • PREMIERE: Studio Session “Audience of One” by GKCB ft. Elliott Skinner

    Gideon King & City Blog, the critically-acclaimed New York jazz/ rock fusion act, teamed up with Elliott Skinner of Thirdstory to release the beautifully painful single "Audience of One." Skinner's trademark wince and emotive vocals loom delicately over King's grounded jazz guitar. In their video [...]

  • PREMIERE: Drum & Lace “Outsider Complex Part 1”

    Press photo by Ellie Pritts Setting a mood takes more than wine, moonlight and the smell of jasmine in the air. The right music can inspire love, or, in the case of Drum & Lace's latest single, fear. "Outsider Complex Part 1" starts [...]

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