• Audiofemme + Safe Slut Present: Lucky Night Market

  • Bogart House, Brooklyn NY
  • 02.09.24
  • Shara Lunon : Bitter Fruits

  • Roulette // 509 Atlantic Ave // Brooklyn
  • 11.14.23
  • Official SXSW Showcase feat. Indigo De Souza, Núria Graham, Aoife Nessa Frances, Satya, Mal Devisa

  • Central Presbyterian Church, Austin TX
  • 03.15.23
  • Agenda Showcase feat. Medusa + Four/Four Presents

  • National Sawdust, Brooklyn NY
  • 02.02.23
  • 10 AF Anniversary Party

  • Heaven, Brooklyn NY
  • 12.01.22

The Agenda

Since 2012, Audiofemme has consistently sought to uplift the voices of female and non-binary music writers and to approach music and culture criticism from an intersectional feminist perspective. We’ve expanded these principles with the creation of the Audiofemme Agenda Artist Grant in 2020. Through this grant, we provide seed funding of $2000 per grantee to interdisciplinary artists and creators, prioritizing BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. Grants are awarded to emerging performing artists across disciplines who are seeking seed funding to create new work and build their platform. We take into account the originality of the concept, its impact on community, and the potential for this work to further the artist’s career. Learn more about our annual grant program.

2023 Grant Recipients

Artemis Montague

Artemis Montague is a multi-hyphenate composer-lyricist-librettist-singer who believes in art and musical theater as an affinity space, or place for community members to see themselves without the gaze of oppression. They write music and musicals for POC, queer/trans folks, and disabled communities, and are working on an EP of feminist, radically soft music about love, friendship and healing.

Mal Devisa

Mal Devisa is the stage name of Massachusetts-based songwriter Deja Rene Carr, what she calls a “liberation project” as she grapples with identity, disability, and other struggles related to making art. We fell in love with Mal Devisa at our SXSW showcase this spring, and can’t wait to help her realize her goal of broadening her genre scope and recording a record with some new gear.

Kyoko Takenaka

Kyoko Takenaka is a multi-disciplinary performance artist, musician, actor and filmmaker splitting their time between L.A., Tokyo and London. They believe artistic expression is a conduit for personal and collective liberation, and are constantly exploring unbinary ways of thinking, moving and creating. Through their music and art, they channel diasporic experience and create a sensory space for queer folks to take refuge.

Farmer Zoe

Farmer Zoe is the alter-ego of Delaware-based multi-disciplinary artist Zoe Scruggs, whose work explores how systematic oppression has shaped her relationship with nature. She does this by contextualizing her personal stories into America’s ideological framework for understanding the relationship between the human and non-human worlds, particularly where Black, ecological and labor issues collide. She’s working on a live set bridging the research-heavy fine art side of her musical practice with the freeform aspect of the Farmer Zoe persona. 


Julia Sinelnikova is a singer-songwriter and DJ who performs as ORACLE666. Light as a fluid medium and Eastern European folk tales from their upbringing in Russia serve as the foundations for their artistic practice, as they aim to create a womb-like setting for the audience’s healing and self-observation. They are working on their full-length album TIMEBENDER, which will ultimately be presented as a multi-day audiovisual showcase and performance.

Imaginal Workshop

The Imaginal Workshop is a groundbreaking partnership between Kin Class and Audiofemme, providing educational support, community, and performance tools to winners and runners-up of the Agenda Grant. This collaboration is the definition of artist support, providing grant money, artistic tools, and community to help each Agenda Grant finalist complete their proposed work.

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