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VIDEO PREMIERE: Emily Jane Powers “Sullen Days”

With her latest video, Emily Jane Powers proves there's more than one shade of blue when it comes to feeling sad. The Chicago-based art rocker's clip for "Sullen Days" is an atmospheric meditation on the spectrum of emotions contained within a sullen or sad mood. The entire video was shot on an iPhone by Powers’ [...]

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PREMIERE: Church Girls “Black Seas”

Photo by Marissa Carroll Mariel Beaumont has a few tricks up her sleeve this year. Her band Church Girls has a new EP Home, set to release in September, with more music coming down the pipeline later this year. Beaumont has described her band as "straightforward punk / 90’s indie rock", and it [...]

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INTERVIEW: Kat Cunning on Carving a Niche For All The Weirdos

If ever there was a case for blazing your own trail to success, Kat Cunning's rising stardom is certainly one of them. Back with a new single called "Stay On The Line," Cunning is a study in fluid adaptability; time and time again, she's made opportunities for herself in all the spaces where she once [...]

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INTERVIEW: Women That Rock @ Brooklyn Bazaar

Last week on Friday the 13th at Brooklyn Bazaar, Women That Rock put together their first GIG LIKE A GYRL summer extravaganza showcasing women in punk rock & other DIY music scenes, women of color and LGBTQ+ artists & musicians. The stacked lineup included GYMSHORTS, Sharkmuffin, Sister Munch, Monte, Lady Bits, Strange Parts & DJ Jess [...]

By | 2018-08-09T17:04:09+00:00 July 20th, 2018|FEATURES|

LIVE REVIEW: Guerilla Toss at Union Pool

All Photos by Sarah Knoll The New York based genre bending band Guerilla Toss established a month-long residency at Brooklyn’s Union Pool. Playing every Tuesday in June, residencies like this make me question how a band with such a high energy and stamina like Guerilla Toss could keep up with the same performance [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Powersnap “Chemistry”

The only thing I remember from high school chemistry class is making ice cream and how a microwave works. I don’t remember any specific purple substances guarded by emotionless 20-somethings wearing black. Like Powersnap front woman Romi Hanoch, I too would be intrigued and would feel the need to attain said purple substance. Maybe this [...]

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PREVIEW: Our Favorite Electronic DJs Playing at Panorama

So we lost Cardi B, who got replaced by Lil Wayne, due to her pregnancy, but Panorama Festival is still packed with some amazing women in music. Janet Jackson, who is making a long awaited come back, Sza, who has had an amazing year since her release of album Ctrl, and indie star favorite St. [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Smokescreens “The Lost Song”

Today LA's Smokescreens release their debut record Used to Yesterday via Slumberland Records. They released this single "The Lost Song," which was actually a lost demo from the band's beginnings, earlier this week. Its galloping rhythm, melodic bass, and jangling guitars perfectly combine to create this kiwi-pop influenced upbeat earmworm you won't be able to [...]

By | 2018-08-09T17:04:10+00:00 July 13th, 2018|Track of the Week|

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Lost Boy ? “96”

  Davey Jones, the prolific mastermind behind experimental bedroom pop project Lost Boy ?, put out my favorite new summer jam this week! Listening to "96" after scrolling through too many friends' family vacation photos and recovering from an ice cream binge stomach ache succeeded in making me feel less like an apathetic beach sloth. Its [...]

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The moon controls the tides of our oceans, and since humans are about 60% water, it makes sense that the moon could possibly be influencing the tides of our minds. According to some astrologists, the full moon’s influence on your life can last plus or minus five days. It can signify the culmination of a [...]

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