AF 2018 IN REVIEW: The Year in Soundtracks

In California’s Bay Area, where I grew up, a single adult movie ticket costs $13.25. In Columbus Ohio, where I currently live, a single adult movie ticket (with my student discount) costs $3. On Tuesdays, popcorn is free. The independent theater I frequent is walking distance from my house. So, since moving to Ohio for [...]

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AF 2018 IN REVIEW: How Mitski Used Performance to Make One of the Year’s Best Records

photo by Bao Ngo Since hitting her stride with 2014's Bury Me at Makeout Creek and its critically acclaimed follow-up Puberty 2 (2016), Mitski's audience has tended to project onto her as a symbol of their sadness, a microphone of sad-girl feelings. But Mitski does not want to be remembered this way, a position she asserted clearly [...]

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AF 2018 IN REVIEW: The Best Music Videos of the Year

It's been a long time since music videos have aired on television, but as the popularity of YouTube soars among a generation who doesn't even remember what MTV used to be, artists are now approaching the medium with a new creative fervor. As you'll note from this list, by and large we're seeing women and [...]

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AF 2018 IN REVIEW: Hardest Working DIY Bands on Tour in 2018

Below is our list of the Hardest Working DIY Touring bands of 2018 keeping the DIY dream alive! We asked each band  about their favorite moments, what they have learned, and/or are most proud of from this past year. photo credit: @zb_images North By North (Chicago, IL) 212 shows I caught North By [...]

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AF 2018 IN REVIEW: Best DIY Promoters, Collectives, & Venues

After 121 shows touring and at home this year with my five projects - Sharkmuffin, Gustaf, Gesserit, Kino Kimino, and Ex-Girlfriends (RIP) - here are my picks for the best DIY promoters, collectives and venues of 2018! We chatted with everyone about their favorite shows, stories, and overall reflections on what they've accomplished and are [...]

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AF 2018 IN REVIEW: How A Wave of Queer Hitmakers Helped Me Assert My Identity

illustration and words by Ysabella Monton Drunk on $2 strawberry margaritas during my very first visit to Cubbyhole, my 19-year-old self and a friend struck up a conversation with two women who led with, “Aww, how cute, two straight girls at the gay bar!” We looked at each other, confused. She was quick [...]

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AF 2018 IN REVIEW: Our Favorite Albums and Singles of the Year

Here we are again! As the new year approaches, it's time to look back and take stock of the albums and singles that defined this moment in music history. 2018 was an eclectic year, to say the least, and there are a lot of new names on the list: Tirzah, Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, Noname, [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Shybaby “When You Were Here”

Brooklyn punk quartet Shybaby add a personal touch to everything they do - and their raw, DIY aesthetic makes their live shows a must-see. That's why we've invited them to play our AudioFemme Holiday Party alongside Grim Streaker and PC Worship. It happens tonight at Alphaville in Bushwick, but to get the festivities started early, [...]

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PREMIERE: Doe Paoro Releases Intimate New Video for “Walk Through The Fire”

LA-by-way-of Syracuse’s dreamy siren, Doe Paoro, and her new album, Soft Power, are the kind of dynamic sonic duo rarely found in the music industry today. Passionate and empowered, Soft Power combines the alluring mystique of The Shirelles, The Ronnettes, and other original girl groups of the '60s, with the kind of blazing soul found [...]

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WOMAN OF INTEREST: Chelsea Ursin Relives Awkward Teen Years for “Dear Young Rocker” Podcast

Most people would rather do almost anything than repeatedly relive their most cringe-worthy moments of adolescence and young adulthood. But writer, bassist, and storyteller Chelsea Ursin has done just that in her podcast “Dear Young Rocker,” a tell-all, diaristic recount of her time growing up and feeling like an outcast as a female bass player in [...]

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