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PREVIEW: Audiofemme x Glamglare Official Northside Showcase

It’s that time of year again!  Northside Festival is just around the corner, and we’ve put together another showcase of awesome artists with the help of Glamglare! Join us Saturday, June 10th at Knitting Factory Brooklyn for music by Blonde Maze, Gold Child, Letters to Nepal, Kinder Than Wolves, GIRL SKIN, and Josh Jacobson.  Sets start [...]

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PREVIEW: 10+ Must-See Bands @ Northside Festival

Summer doesn't officially start until June 21st, but in Brooklyn, the informal kick-off feels more like the first week of June thanks to the annual Northside Festival. Growing exponentially since its inception in 2009, Northside provides sensory overload in the best way possible, with hundreds of bands playing intimate showcases in various venues stretching from Williamsburg up to Greenpoint [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Happyness “Write In”

photo by Emilla Orving They’ve done it again. My favorite (contemporary) British trio is back with a follow up to their 2015 debut Weird Little Birthday. If Happyness have given me anything aside from ace interview material and two years of fabulous music, they have laid the groundwork for something very dear to [...]

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TRACK REVIEW: Stonefield “Sister”

Life is tough, and sometimes you need a dense track to complement that type of outlook. If you've found yourself in need of this type of song lately, then search no further than Stonefield's track "Sister." It's the perfect descriptor for a quartet of Aussie sisters who have been playing together since the youngest was only seven, [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Girl Band @ Saint Vitus

It’s been a year since I last saw Girl Band, and I’m a bit more prepared this time around. Boots: check. Pulled-back hair: check. Pre-show snack: check. Purse-less. That’s the big one. After getting caught in a swirl of flailing bodies at their last New York gig, I’ve consolidated my belongings into a jacket instead. [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: Mimi Raver “Creatures Of Habit”

The album art for Mimi Raver’s upcoming LP ’06 Female will give you an insight into the songwriter’s knack for duality. At first glance, the cover for Raver’s imminent release bears the precious, painterly image of a grey tabby, sitting pretty by a Kelly green couch. On closer inspection: droplets of blood color the cat’s [...]

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EP REVIEW: Roland Tings “Each Moment a Diamond”

True to its title, Roland Tings' newest collection is sparkly and shined to perfection. To create this album, the Berlin-based, Melbourne-native producer worked through an obsessive routine where he repeated the same simple actions every day, like the route he took the studio or what he ate for breakfast. This structure aided the keen editing attention to [...]

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Wayfarers' newest track "KINGS" is an anthem of empowerment, specifically that which can be found through music. With short claps throughout and a catchy yet minimalistic backing, it's impossible to not get a surge of confidence while listening to "KINGS." It's a throwback for many listeners to that moment when they first heard a specific song [...]

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EP REVIEW: Milo Greene’s “Never Ender”

New music from Milo Greene is always exciting, and the group has been actively building up to their next great release after 2015's Control. The quartet released their latest EP Never Ender through Nettwerk Music Group in February, and it holds much the same energy of past releases: a dark and somber mood mixed with vibrant, ethereal [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dirty Projectors “Dirty Projectors”

While the music on Dirty Projectors new album is a breath of fresh, engaging air, it's impossible to ignore the bewildering terrible lyrics, all focused on Amber Coffman's recent departure and solo career.

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