INTERVIEW + PREMIERE: Maria Taylor of Flower Moon Records

Sometimes a new record has a familiarity to it that feels like curling up under a warm blanket. Flower Moon Records Compilation Friends and Family Vol 1 puts a listener at ease; its laid-back cadence urges you to close your eyes and relax. These are old friends reintroducing themselves. Dead Fingers' "Whistling Song" stands out as [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: Sara Curtin “Or So It Seemed”

Photo by Amanda Reynolds (Plume Photography) Sara Curtin's music is pretty darn dreamy. Her voice creates a tapestry of delicate sound. Half of Washington D.C.'s The Sweater Set, Curtin's solo effort takes that precious quality and gives it a little edge. "Or So It Seemed," the title track off her new EP, is [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: FIJI-13 “Mansplain It To Me bb”

Minnesota is a cold place, full of winter warriors trudging through the streets in search of bars with hot tunes. On first listen, FIJI-13 sounds like anything but Minneapolis: they are peppy, surf-infused, and upbeat. Yet on a closer listen, the reality of life seeps through. “Mansplain It To Me bb,” the first single off of FIJI-13's [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: Whispertown “Freefaller”

Whispertown Photo by Heather Porcaro Whispertown is a one-woman powerhouse comprised of child-actor-turned-musician Morgan Nagler. Based in Los Angeles, Nagler's music invites the listener to think beyond their mortal coil, to consider us all one being, connected through time and space. Big stuff for pretty music, but Whispertown handles the subject matter beautifully. [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Holly Overton with Midnight People “Summer Solstice 2017”

Over the weekend I saw a glitter-painted, broadly-grinning Holly Overton emerge from DRTY SMMR in a candy-striped Beach Boys-inspired outfit, and I knew it would be a good night. There are those artists, those human beings, that have a celebratory spirit, that radiate positive energy and want to share it with the community. This ethos [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: Lily and Horn Horse “Next To Me”

  Lily Konigsberg is one third of Palberta, a confusing, experimental, instrument-swapping trio based in upstate New York. Matt Norman creates intricate, instrumental compositions under the moniker Horn Horse. Fate brought them together when Matt went to his former residence in search of a lost blanket only to find Lily, its new tenant and fellow [...]

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EP PREMIERE: Devin Davis of Ramonda Hammer Discusses “Destroyers”

Ramonda Hammer is Devin Davis, Andy Hengl, Justin Geter, and Mark Edwards . Ramonda Hammer is named after one of the contestants on the 90s reality show Cheaters. Lead singer Devin Davis, along with Andy Hengl (bass), Justin Geter (guitar), and Mark Edwards (drums), give a fresh twist to a modern classic: grunge. We [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: Anna Morsett of The Still Tide Walks the “High Wire”

Photo By Anthony Isaac The Still Tide currently reside in Denver, Colorado where they craft the kind of lovely, expansive music one expects from a town surrounded by mountains. Anna Morsett picked up the guitar at an early age; her lyrics capture the melancholy of long nights alone. We talked about her writing [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: Pine Barons Talk “Chamber Choir”

There’s a kind of yearning nostalgia in the songs of the Pine Barons, an earnestness that never feels forced even though it competes with an eclectic array of elements and influences. The Philadelphia-based band has a sound that meshes atmospheric rock and folk, with intricately layered vocals and a member assigned, in part, to sampling. Like [...]

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Album art by Jon Campolo Pill gives us strength as we come to terms with chaos in the premiere of “Side Eye,” a single from their upcoming EP entitled Aggressive Advertising. Due to be released on June 30, they are following up their 2016 debut LP Convenience with a second release on Dull [...]

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