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MORNING AFTER: Peanut Butter and Fish Tacos With Medium Mystic

Little Edie is off kitty Prozac and living her best life in Queens. The former teen-mom bodega cat turned Medium Mystic muse is joining us for coffee (she’s having a “coffee phase”) and tacos. It’s sporting of her; Edith...

PLAYING DETROIT: Prude Boys “The Outlaw”

The Outlaw, though only two tracks long, make for a grungy Lee Hazelwood x Nancy Sinatra reboot while garnering imagery of seduction and escape with their uniquely refined and playful nostalgia.


  When  DMA’s signed to Australian indie  label I OH YOU this February, the Newtown trio was so freshly minted that they hadn’t even played a show yet. That isn’t to say they were totally green–all three members (Tommy O’, Matt Mason,...