Welcome to our weekly show recommendation column RSVP HERE - your source for the best NYC shows and interviews with some of our favorite local live bands. Providence, Rhode Island rockers GYMSHORTS join Dune Rats on a couple dates of their tour, including this Tuesday 11/12 at Rough Trade. Frontwoman Sarah Greenwell formed GYMSHORTS [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: HARD Day of the Dead Festival Mixes EDM and Spirituality

On Saturday, October 26, I attended a San Pedro ceremony. With a group of fellow journeyers, I drank the extract of a psychedelic cactus sourced from Peru, danced around a circle to live music, shook rattles, played drums, lay down to focus on my own insights and visions, and had drug-induced heart-to-hearts with other participants. [...]

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RSVP HERE: A Deer A Horse Play Brooklyn Bazaar + MORE

Welcome to our new weekly show recommendation column RSVP HERE - your source for the best NYC shows and interviews with some of our favorite local live bands. This week A Deer A Horse are supporting The Art Gray Noizz Quintet featuring Lydia Lunch for one of Brooklyn Bazaar’s final shows. The Art Gray Noizz [...]

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REVIEW: Sleater-Kinney Isn’t Dead

Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker carry on as Sleater-Kinney despite drummer Janet Weiss's departure. Press photo by Nikko Lamere. Sleater-Kinney is dead. Long-live Sleater-Kinney. I kept thinking these words as two-thirds of my favorite band played Milwaukee’s Pabst Theatre last Wednesday. Sprung from the riot grrrl movement, powerhouse trio Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, [...]

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INTERVIEW: How Team Dresch is Living the Dream

Team Dresch pulls a fan on stage to sing "Hate The Christian Right" at Union Transfer. All photos by Amanda Silberling. Before Team Dresch performs their 1995 anthem “Hate the Christian Right” at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer last week, singer and guitarist Jody Bleyle pulls a longtime fan from the crowd on stage.  As [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: The Glenn Branca Ensemble @ St. Vitus

Glenn Branca didn’t want people to dance to his music. “I want them to sit there and be blown away,” he once said in an interview. No one was seated at Brooklyn’s St. Vitus Bar on Sunday, where the Glenn Branca Ensemble played in tribute to the late composer, who died last year after a [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Incubus @ Radio City Music Hall

Ten years ago, I saw Incubus at Radio City Music Hall. It was also 10 years after my favorite album of theirs, Make Yourself, came out. Though I first fell in love with the band back in high school, we'd grown apart since, and we rekindled our romance that summer, one-sided as it was. I'd [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Man Man @ Brooklyn Bowl

Man Man’s tech rider must read like a sideshow’s inventory. 6 sparkly purple capes 5 bouquets of paper roses 2 black boxing gloves 4 sets of keys 1 human skeleton (authenticity optional) 2 white fur coats 1 taxidermied deer head 24 jumbo feathers, red An assortment of hats 1 signing plastic owl That all or [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Chris Cohen @ Non Plus Ultra

All photos by Suzannah Weiss They say getting there is half the fun, and that was definitely true for indie art-rock artist Chris Cohen's latest show at Non Plus Ultra in LA. The underground venue's address is ever-changing, as I discovered when I arrived at the one listed online and found only houses. [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Landlady @ Nublu 151

Nublu 151 looks like the inside of Satan’s jewel box. Kaleidoscopic projections swirl on the walls and a dangling disco ball takes the place of a wind-up ballerina. But it’s the pervasive red and blue lighting that really lends a sinister tint to the venue. The colors radiate over the main floor, the hallway, the [...]

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