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Our rotating Monday columns zero in on rarely-covered angles in music journalism, from drug culture to breakfast with Brooklyn favorites.

PET POLITICS: Two Lovebirds and a Little Honey Form the Core of Synthpop Duo The Values

Mason Taub and Evan Zwisler got together back in 2014, but for a little over a year now, they've truly started to see the fruits of their passion come together, forming synthpop outfit The Values. With three singles under their belts, they've played shows all over - but not without their constant companion: a sweet-as-can [...]

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CHECK THE SPREADSHEET: Documenting A DIY Tour with Tips From Steven Anselm

Touring is eventful and exciting, but the days eventually begin to blend together. Venues and bands blur, and people’s names are the last thing that will stick in your mind. It’s best to appoint a member of the band to take photos and/or journal your time on the road, or even bring along a tour [...]

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PET POLITICS: Meet Sundance Kidd, Brooklyn’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Cat Sitter

Sundance Kidd shreds on guitar, bass, and the mic. Ze never misses a note on guitar and seems to automatically learn any song by ear. You may have seen them in a whole slew of Brooklyn’s rock bands as of late, such as Gesserit and Darkwing. Ze has also made numerous guest pop-up guest appearances [...]

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HIGH NOTES: Do Binaural Beats Produce a Drug-Like Effect?

I’m all about gaining insight from altered states of consciousness. But I’m also all about putting your body through as little duress as possible. So, I’m always interested in learning new ways to expand my mind without substances. After achieving altered states through hypnosis, breathwork, and ecstatic dance, I thought I’d look into binaural beats [...]

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PET POLITICS: DIY Legend Jan Terri On the Late Great Denny and her New Pup Pal JoJo

Jan Terri is the original DIY music queen. Although she started off as a drummer, Jan quickly began a prolific career in songwriting. Her tracks come in a variety of genres: rock, jazz, pop, country. Jan’s music also spans across a wide range of emotions, from the sentimental “Losing You,” to her funky Halloween number [...]

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AUDIOMAMA: A Very Indie Christmas

The second Monday of every month, we explore the trappings of the millennial mama with parenting tips and tricks that are more Tycho than Tangled. My son giving Santa the "Who are you again?" eyes. If you're like my family, the holidays are spent watching the same movies (Muppet Christmas Carol on repeat), eating the same food [...]

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After a show in Lawrence, Kansas my old band Ex-Girlfriends pulled up to a random house where we were going to sleep that night. There were garbage bags covering the garage windows, conjuring images of the mutilated dead bodies hidden inside. Our bandmate had set up these accommodations last minute and assured us it was [...]

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PET POLITICS: Kelly Knapp’s Love of Noise (and Cats)

Love Bugs: Kelly and She Ra (all photos courtesy of Kelly Knapp). When Shakespeare wrote "And though she be but little, she is fierce," he could have very well been talking about Kelly Knapp if it wasn't for the centuries that separate them. As the brains and arm grease behind events booking collective [...]

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HIGH NOTES: 7 Songs That Were Inspired by Acid Trips

For decades, musicians have been known to experiment with LSD to stimulate their creative process. Because of the drug's effects on the serotonergic system, people tripping on it not only experience warped sounds and images that might inspire music and lyrics but also become more open to experimenting with different styles. The result of these [...]

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  When I grew up dreaming of rockstardom, I never realized how many spreadsheets I would have to make. But they've become so indispensable to me that I've even named this column in their honor! Below I’ve included the spreadsheet templates my projects use to stay organized for booking, advances, finances, merchandise inventory, and our [...]

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