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Our rotating Monday columns zero in on rarely-covered angles in music journalism, from drug culture to breakfast with Brooklyn favorites.


After a show in Lawrence, Kansas my old band Ex-Girlfriends pulled up to a random house where we were going to sleep that night. There were garbage bags covering the garage windows, conjuring images of the mutilated dead bodies hidden inside. Our bandmate had set up these accommodations last minute and assured us it was [...]

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PET POLITICS: Kelly Knapp’s Love of Noise (and Cats)

Love Bugs: Kelly and She Ra (all photos courtesy of Kelly Knapp). When Shakespeare wrote "And though she be but little, she is fierce," he could have very well been talking about Kelly Knapp if it wasn't for the centuries that separate them. As the brains and arm grease behind events booking collective [...]

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HIGH NOTES: 7 Songs That Were Inspired by Acid Trips

For decades, musicians have been known to experiment with LSD to stimulate their creative process. Because of the drug's effects on the serotonergic system, people tripping on it not only experience warped sounds and images that might inspire music and lyrics but also become more open to experimenting with different styles. The result of these [...]

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  When I grew up dreaming of rockstardom, I never realized how many spreadsheets I would have to make. But they've become so indispensable to me that I've even named this column in their honor! Below I’ve included the spreadsheet templates my projects use to stay organized for booking, advances, finances, merchandise inventory, and our [...]

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PET POLITICS: Hannah Teeter on Her Transformation From Vet’s GRL to Def.GRL

Hannah Teeter is sweet as pie in person and vicious as hell on the drum kit. She pairs her innately optimistic nature with her wicked energy to form a stage persona entirely singular. Hannah first started playing drums five years ago after forming the band Def.GRLS with buddies Craig Martinson and Mark Brickman. Def.GRLS released [...]

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HIGH NOTES: People Share Their Favorite Music-Drug Pairings

Just as some wines are meant to be paired with certain cheeses and some shoes look perfect with particular outfits, some drugs go inexplicably well with certain kinds of music. Many report that drugs enhance their music-listening experience by drawing out the meaning of the song or helping them get lost in the sound. These [...]

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AUDIOMAMA: How Lloyd H. Miller Turns History Lessons into Music

The second Monday of every month, we explore the trappings of the millennial mama with parenting tips and tricks that are more Tycho than Tangled. Seven years ago, I spent my weekdays (and some weekends) trekking through the NYC subway system with one to two kids in tow. That world-renowned New York hustle extends to children, [...]

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CHECK THE SPREADSHEET: Touring Across the Pond

Sharkmuffin charms Robert Plant The story goes that Jimi Hendrix was unknown in the States before he traveled to the U.K. It was only after his time across the pond that he returned as our beloved shredding icon. It can happen to you too! His spirit is still there, and Sharkmuffin may have [...]

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PET POLITICS: Janeth Unleashes the She-Wolf Within

Janeth Gonda is a woman of many trades. When I first met Janeth, she was working at the ticket window of Brooklyn Bowl. Since then, Janeth has become the singer and songwriter of her own project Espejismo that has toured Colombia as well as having played out in Brooklyn frequently, launched a popular Brooklyn DIY [...]

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HIGH NOTES: Getting High on Ecstatic Dance

Usually, when I'm in Amsterdam, my plans involve drugs in some way or another. But during my latest trip (trip as in, excursion, I should specify), I had an impending ayahuasca ceremony, and taking other drugs in the days before you take ayahuasca is not advisable. On my search for a drug-free yet Amsterdam-typical experience, [...]

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