VIDEO PREMIERE: Holly Overton with Midnight People “Summer Solstice 2017”


Over the weekend I saw a glitter-painted, broadly-grinning Holly Overton emerge from DRTY SMMR in a candy-striped Beach Boys-inspired outfit, and I knew it would be a good night. There are those artists, those human beings, that have a celebratory spirit, that radiate positive energy and want to share it with the community. This ethos no doubt drove Holly Overton with Midnight People’s Summer Solstice concert, an art piece and performance on the Our Wicked Lady rooftop, which we are premiering right the hell now.

Filmed by Jeffrey Jones on the eve of the summer solstice, Holly shared that the event was set to honor the “change of seasons, a time for growth, reflection and newness. We celebrated this theme through our freedom of expression and camaraderie under the longest day.”

The end result is something sonically satisfying and luminous. A Yukata-clad Holly is at the center of it all, belting out her seriously Gwen Stefani-esque vocals over the kaleidoscope of color and sound. According to Holly, the atmosphere of the event was about creating a “mystical night of strength and empowerment.” Consider it achieved.

But in spite of the fantastical vibes, the video allows real moments of intimacy. That’s Holly’s sister and Fairy Light Couture designer Heather Overton doing her make-up before the show, and the ending…well, I don’t want to give anything away.

Holly believes the healing power of community, and that’s why she made the video. “Artists are the resourceful strong voices in times of crisis, so I hope Brooklyn artists and beyond believe in themselves fully, ignoring how society dictates they should live, and utilize their gift during this political shit storm, to challenge and inspire themselves and others to stand up for those who are suffering, from the smallest to the boldest actions,” she said. “Unity consists of those who have the strength to stand alone.”

Having now caught real-life glimpses of Holly’s energized set and the lovely crowd that came to see her, I believe in her ability to bring people together when the world is in mass hysteria (read: always). And seriously, she really, really, sounds like Gwen Stefani.

There’s only a month or so of the summer left now; the days are getting shorter, and you can’t fight that. But when you surround yourself with positive energy and midnight people, you can make the evening last forever.

Go ahead and see for yourself.

Holly Overton with Midnight People play Alphaville August 26 with The Shivas, Twiga and Idaho Green.