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Emily Daly is a Brooklyn based musician and writer who adores weird instruments, bodega cats and terrible puns. You can check out her dumb jokes at https://twitter.com/gatoazulo

NEWS ROUNDUP: Musical Candidates Win Big, TSwift’s Reputation & More

Metal musician Danica Roem becomes first transgender legislator in Virginia The Musicians Who Won This Week’s Election On Tuesday, Danica Roem became the first openly transgender woman elected to state legislature with her win in Virginia, replacing a 13-year incumbent Republican who held an anti-trans bathroom policy. While her platform was pretty great [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: NYC Cabaret Law Repealed, CMA Gag Order & More

NYC Cabaret Law Officially Repealed Established in 1926 to prevent unlicensed dancing in NYC bars, New York's "Cabaret Law" is finally on its last legs after City Council voted Tuesday to end it. Many have been quick to point out that the antiquated law is like something out of Footloose, inappropriate for such a progressive, [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: RIP Fats Domino, Alice Glass Alleges Abuse & More

Fats Domino Dies At Age 89 The singer and pianist from New Orleans penned a number of hits, like "I'm Walkin'" and "Ain't That a Shame," that defined 1950s rock ’n’ roll by blending occasionally the sounds of his hometown with R&B. His part in the genre was highly influential; Elvis referred to him as [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Planned Parenthood Compilation, Ducktails Singer Assault Details & More

Sleater-Kinney has a new song on a Planned Parenthood Benefit Compilation. New Song from Sleater-Kinney on Planned Parenthood Benefit Compilation You can now stream 7 Inches For Planned Parenthood, a collection of 7 inch records that will benefit the organization, ahead of its November release date. Contributors include a wide variety of notable [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Princess Nokia a Soup-er Hero, Music Industry Assault Allegations & More

Princess Nokia Stands Up To Racist, Goes Viral  This week, a viral video showed NYC commuters standing up to a drunk guy on the train when he started yelling racist insults at a group of teenagers. At the end of the video, as he’s pushed out of the train car, someone launches a container of [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: RIP Tom Petty, The Las Vegas Tragedy & More

RIP Tom Petty The well-loved songwriter passed away on Monday after suffering from cardiac arrest. He was 66, and less than a week before, gave a final interview where he discussed his recent 40th anniversary tour with The Heartbreakers, a new band he was producing, and more (read the full interview via the LA Times). [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: RIP Charles Bradley, #TakeAKnee & More

RIP Charles Bradley Though he was able to tour up until the very end, even after battling stomach cancer, renowned soul singer Charles Bradley passed away over the weekend. He was 68. Nicknamed “The Screaming Eagle of Soul,” Bradley was inspired by James Brown from a young age but didn’t release his first album until [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Shilpa Ray Triumphs Over NYC With ‘Door Girl’

New York, the city that never sleeps, takes an especially hard toll on those who make its endless nights possible: the waiters, the bartenders, the ticket takers who silently put up with endless shit from drunken idiots. The service industry is favored by artists who need to pay their bills, but at what cost? Shilpa [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Market Hotel Is Back, NYC’s Cabaret Law & More

  Market Hotel Ends Their Hiatus Bushwick’s Market Hotel will host shows again starting on November 1st, with yet-unannounced special guests playing the grand reopening show. It's been out of commission while Todd P. and his crew secure the proper licenses t0 turn the longstanding DIY club into a legit venue (in the eyes of [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: RIP Grant Hart, Jessi Zazu & More

RIP Jessi Zazu RIP Grant Hart, Jessi Zazu and Josh Schwartz Grant Hart died on Wednesday, September 13 from cancer. He was the drummer and vocalist of Minnesota rockers Hüsker Dü. After Hart met Bob Mould in a record store, the two quickly became friends and songwriting partners. Their music influenced groups such as [...]

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