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About Lindsey Rhoades

Lindsey Rhoades is the founding Editor-In-Chief of AudioFemme. She has written for The Village Voice, Stereogum, Brooklyn Magazine, Impose, Complex, and others. You can often find her playing pinball in local dive bars and laundromats around Brooklyn.

INTERVIEW: Madeline Kenney Sets Boundaries and Explores New Sounds on Perfect Shapes

When I call Madeline Kenney, she’s almost home – driving back to Durham from a brief West Coast tour after a stop in Austin to drop off her band. On this return trip, she’ll cross the Continental Divide for the ninth time this year. Her first crossing, in January, was part of a move from [...]

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INTERVIEW: L’Rain, Spellling, and Boy Harsher to Embrace the Experimental at Basilica SoundScape 2018

Just a short ride on Amtrak from Penn Station, Hudson - with its quaint brick buildings, historic architecture, and riverside views - has become an enclave for New York City’s artistic expats. One of its architectural centerpieces rises from the city’s industrial past: Basilica Hudson, a sprawling 1800s foundry reborn in 2010 as a concert [...]

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INTERVIEW: Wax Idols Redefine Their Happy Ending With New LP

all photos by Kristin Cofer For Hether Fortune of Wax Idols, there’s no such thing as a fairy tale ending. There’s simply life – the bleakest aspects of which have often become fodder for her musical output – and death, the finality of which she’s come to theorize may be the sweetest release. [...]

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AF 2017 IN REVIEW: 12 of the Year’s Most Compelling Debuts

When you’re new to the music industry, it can be really tough to crack the top ten of a critic’s year-end list. Oftentimes, the artists with the most accolades are established entities releasing their third, fourth, or tenth album, having a massive comeback after a decades-long absence, reinventing their sound or finally finding a niche [...]

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AF 2017 IN REVIEW: Our Favorite Albums and Singles of the Year

While there's been many a jaded thinkpiece about the import of music critics (usually begging the question What are they good for?) and the ubiquity of year-end lists can feel shallow at times, we can't stress enough the importance of what it means to share music among friends. It's a huge part of developing our [...]

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BAND OF THE MONTH: Sound of Ceres

photo by Ben Tra There aren't many Brooklyn bands that can convince high-profile performance artists like Marina Abramović to brave Bushwick's divey DIY scene, but Sound of Ceres did just that last August, during their month-long residency at Alphaville. Then again, Sound of Ceres stretches the boundaries of what it means to be a [...]

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When Andrea Lo talks about Belle Game, the concept of serendipity keeps coming up. It was serendipity that she met her bandmates Adam Nanji (guitar) and Alex Andrew (drums) when they were all in grade school. Adam went off to McGill, where he met future keyboardist Katrina Jones in a bagel shop; now the two [...]

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PREVIEW: Audiofemme Anniversary Bash w/ Haybaby, Wooing, & Parrot Dream

On Sunday, August 20th, Audiofemme takes over Brooklyn Night Bazaar in honor of our fourth year on the interwebs! Since our inception, part of the blog's mission has been to showcase not only the writing of female-identified journalists, but also some of Brooklyn's best emerging bands. One of our favorite ways to do that is [...]

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Last year, Memphis punk quartet NOTS released their arresting sophomore LP Cosmetic, brimming with a palpable, immediate energy. Though they're rockers at heart (and Cosmetic is relentless in its sonic barrage, no doubt) it was the band's penchant for art-rock flourishes that set the record apart. Fuzzed out guitars, warbling distortion, spacey buzzing synths, and [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Jesse “De-pression”

Jesse Jerome Jenkins V will release his solo debut as Jesse on June 23. As the lead singer of Pure X, Jesse Jerome Jenkins V made hazy psych-pop as blissed out as his band's moniker would imply. But it's been three years since the release of Angel, leaving fans to wonder what became [...]

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