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Ashley Prillaman is a writer living in Los Angeles, California. When she's not living that #FestivalLife, you can find her walking her pug Wednesday, listening to This American Life, or chowing down on street tacos. Follow @AshleyPrillaman on Twitter & check out her interview series #LetsTellAStory on her blog www.ashleyprillaman.com.

AUDIOMAMA: A Very Indie Christmas

The second Monday of every month, we explore the trappings of the millennial mama with parenting tips and tricks that are more Tycho than Tangled. My son giving Santa the "Who are you again?" eyes. If you're like my family, the holidays are spent watching the same movies (Muppet Christmas Carol on repeat), eating the same food [...]

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PREMIERE: Prinze George “Thunder In My Head”

A well-timed bath may have a greater impact on one's mood than exercise (or so says science). Prinze George tap into the same relaxing effect of pulling your head under warm water on their latest single, "Thunder In My Head," off their new EP Airborne. Over Kenny Grimm's cool production and Isabelle De Leon's liquid beats, vocalist Naomi Almquist [...]

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PREMIERE: Moda Spira “Regret”

photo by Zach McNair Divorce is a word often whispered between family members; a subject broached in cryptic Facebook posts and confirmed in private text messages. When an artist is faced with the word, however, it can serve as a well of bitter inspiration. Moda Spira's latest record Divorce tackles Latifah Alattas' real [...]

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PREMIERE: Anna Connolly “Stars”

photo by Claire Packer Where do you see yourself in ten years? Are you doing the same job? Or do you see yourself picking up a secret passion and taking it out on the road? Musician Anna Connolly spent her teen years romping around the D.C. punk scene, hanging with bands like Minor [...]

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PREMIERE: Pleasure Prince, “Entry” EP

In the not-so-distant future, when the earth is covered in red sand dunes and everyone is finally wearing floor length metal space dresses, humans will need some sick jams to make love to. Brooklyn's own Pleasure Prince is eager to provide the musical backdrop. Musicians Lilly Scott and William Duncan use their voices in tandem [...]

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PREMIERE: Anna Wang “Hindsight”

Photograph by Elizabeth Wadium During a breakup, no matter where you go it feels like the world is breaking up too. The line at the grocery store is suddenly filled with sad strangers holding pints of Cherry Garcia and every TV commercial features a lonely person staring into a Netflix void. Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter Anna Wang [...]

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PREMIERE: For Esmé “Modern Love”

Photo by Vanessa Heins Everyone has that friend so obsessed with getting a boyfriend that she completely misses the interesting, multi-layered, kick-ass person who's right in front of her (herself). Ok, we've all been that friend. Canadian band For Esmé addresses self-love in their newest track "Modern Love" off 2018's Righteous Woman. "I was [...]

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PREMIERE: HALEY “Credit Forever Part 2”

Haley by Colin Michael Simmons Since 2003, Haley McCallum has put dozens of releases out into the world as Haley Bonar - most of them with a folk rock bent and a focus on her clever lyricism and yearning vocals. That focus shifts with Pleasureland, released simply under the mononymous moniker HALEY. It's [...]

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PREMIERE: Lexi Todd “Complacent”

Have you noticed a sudden trend of "blacked out" Facebook profile pictures? You may have received a few messages about this one, encouraging you to show followers a "world without women." October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and already there's some confusion on how people can support victims of domestic violence. For musician Lexi [...]

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PREMIERE: The Hottman Sisters “Louder” EP

photo by Carley Scott Fields Starting over, beginning anew, casting off the old... it's a process easier said than done. Omaha, Nebraska natives The Hottman Sisters are determined to move forward creatively, letting the past fall back into the rear view. Comprised of actual sisters Jessica (guitar) and Heather (synths), along with drummer [...]

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