Brooklyn-based songstress, Elisa, is releasing the third track, “Awake”, off of her self-produced EP Morning Again (also available to stream today!). The emotional underpinnings of Morning Again are anchored in her self-described visceral reaction to a fomenting culture of violence taking place in our in our country. “It is a play on words – meaning both “morning” and “mourning” – and informs the overall mood of the project: each of the four songs was written from a place of loss or longing of some kind. Such unabashed sentiment may be scary in a world that often tells us to keep our cool but for me it was necessary to embrace. I want to feel things, even if it means mourning again”.

Musically however, the EP as a whole (which rumor has it, the prolific artist finished writing in one sitting)  reflects Elisa’s talent for crafting nostalgia-inspiring dream pop that would make Whitney Houston proud – replete with spacey beats, warm piano synth and cascading vocal melodies that show off the singer’s very impressive singing range and solid production skills. “Awake” follows suit with her previously released tracks, showcasing Elisa’s deft ability to write music whose structural whimsy doesn’t betray its headiness until the listener delves deeper into the lyrical content of the songs. This ability to transform existential woe into glistening pop goodness is an act of alchemy to say the least, and makes us excited to see her develop as an artist.

Take a first listen to the full EP here (as well as a lyric video for the title track), and come out for Elisa’s release part on 6/20 at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn! We will be giving away a pair of tickets to the show as well which you can sign up for on our homepage! See you next week :-)

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