ALBUM REVIEW: Trentemøller “Fixion”



Danish electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist Trentemøller is releasing his fourth full-length studio album and all of its awesomeness this Friday, September 16. “Fixion” is a record for the interestingly and artistically dark souls who can appreciate the sounds of strong, somber synths.

The album begins with a direct deep-seated eeriness that continues throughout the entire project. The first track is titled “One Eye Open,” and begins with the vibrant, repetitive beat of deep drums that invites listeners into a never-ending abyss of feelings.The entire album is a cascade of minimalist synth-scapes and bonafide electro-punk, with every track coming together perfectly to tell a melodic story.

By track four, the album picks up momentum with “River in Me.” The production of this song is culminating and has the vibe of a retro arcade video game. It gives the sense of someone who is on a focused mission and can’t be stopped. The moderately upbeat melodies extend through tracks like “Phoenicia” and “Redefine.”

By track eight, Trentemoller slows it down once again with “November,” which sounds like it is straight out of a horror film, building the anticipation of a nightmarish scene. The attention to detail and collaboration of sounds in this track display an exquisite fusion of drums, synths, and vocal cuts. This track is beautiful, and perhaps one of the best songs on the album.

The best thing about music like that of “Fixion,” is that its use of minimal lyrics provoke listeners to really create their own narrative, backed by the feelings the music builds inside of you. This is the type of music that encourages us to feel something. It’s the kind of record that with each listen, will repeatedly unlock new intricacies and make the listener perceive the work differently each and every time.

To get a preview of what to expect, check out the visuals for the first single off of Fixion, “River in Me.”