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PREMIERE: Moving Panoramas release dreamy new video for “Baby Blues”

Austin-based dream-pop quintet, Moving Panoramas is back with a highly anticipated  forthcoming LP due out this Spring after their buzzy 2015 debut. Today we're getting a glimpse of what's in store for us, with the video release for lead single, "Baby Blues". The track is an upbeat, shimmering pop jam replete with lead songstress Leslie Sisson's [...]

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WOMAN OF INTEREST: Jacqueline Frances

Jacqueline Frances is a Brooklyn-based stripper, writer & illustrator, standup comic and feminist activist who, through her pithy, impish, irreverent and patriarchy-smashing social media content, has managed to amass a small army's worth of fans and followers of her "Jacq The Stripper" internet ethos. Her popularity is a sign-o-the-times; at this moment, we have found [...]

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Brooklyn-based songstress, Elisa, is releasing the third track, "Awake", off of her self-produced EP Morning Again (also available to stream today!). The emotional underpinnings of Morning Again are anchored in her self-described visceral reaction to a fomenting culture of violence taking place in our in our country. "It is a play on words - meaning both “morning” and [...]

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ALBUM PREMIERE: I Am The Polish Army “My Old Man”

I Am The Polish Army is a Brooklyn-based three-piece led by Emma DeCorsey on vocals and guitar, joined by Eric Kuby on drums, and Turner Stough on the bass. The trio’s debut LP My Old Man comes out tomorrow, and is available to stream today via yours truly. Their sound directly references some of my [...]

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Angelo Vasta is an Italian-born, Brooklyn-based videographer who works primarily with the dance community. He came to the US to study filmmaking at The New School in New York, and quickly fell into documenting dancers as a means of reconnecting with his earlier unfulfilled ambitions to pursue  dance himself, that were dashed as a result of [...]

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2016 has been a rough and tumble year to say the least. Despite the ups and downs, however, we've seen some dazzling music emerge from its presses. From top 40 go-tos, to the overlooked and the brand-spanking new, we've had a better time on this batty ride thanks to music. Here are some of our staff picks: [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: TAMMY, “Doing Something Right”

Brooklyn-based indie pop duo, TAMMY (Brooke and Aaron), are releasing their beautiful new track, "Doing Something Right", today ahead of their debut album coming out this month. Containing beautiful, slow-moving melodies that harken back to 1920s old-timey blues, and understated musical arrangements, "Doing Something Right" strikes a perfect balance between high gloss and accessible. Though the [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Ona, “Open My Hips”

NYC-based visual artist and Instagram vixen, Ona, is following up her debut EP from earlier this year with a new sex-positive music video for sensual dream-pop record, "Open My Hips". The track is beautifully orchestrated, featuring melodic piano lines, ferocious crashing high-hat drums, and most notably Ona's gorgeous, breathy alto vocals which have drawn comparisons to [...]

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White Sun is releasing their second studio album today, and it can best be described as a sweeping exploration of New Age, through the lens of the Kundalini Yogic tradition, incorporating elements of world music, gospel and pop. The arrangements are thoughtful and intricate, and the production quality reflects a level of expertise rarely heard [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: nRCS, “Shoot Stars” (Prod. Memoryy, Brothertiger)

It's a lucky day for us here at Audiofemme, as we've stumbled upon THE feel-good jam of the summer from a little-known Brooklyn-based pop artist nRCS, aka Fionn Knyper. "Shoot Stars", Knyper's second single ahead of his forthcoming EP, is out today and available for a first listen here. Produced by electropop powerhouses Memoryy and Brothertiger, the track [...]

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