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Alexandra Freeman

ALBUM REVIEW: Dirty Projectors “Dirty Projectors”

While the music on Dirty Projectors new album is a breath of fresh, engaging air, it's impossible to ignore the bewildering terrible lyrics, all focused on Amber Coffman's recent departure and solo career.

INTERVIEW: Moon Hooch Learns to Live in the Moment

In conjunction with the recent release of their free EP The Joshua Tree, nu-jazz band Moon Hooch will showcase their considerable presence and talents at the Brooklyn Bowl this Saturday. I was lucky enough to ask horn-player Wenzl McGowen...

LIVE REVIEW: The Radio Dept. @ Union Transfer

The Radio Dept, with it's combination of mellow haze and hypnotic beats, is a particular live experience that hits somewhere right in between stress-free and somewhat imaginatively demanding.

ALBUM REVIEW: Brian Eno “Reflection”

Brian Eno's new generative album "Reflection", raises some surprisingly questions, such as the manner in which ambient music can be political or prescriptive.

ALBUM REVIEW: Popstrangers “Fortuna”

Popstrangers' new album Fortuna really explores the emotional side of pop. Throughout diverse subjects of love, comfort, communication, and hostility there is one mood. Even though this is not a joyful record, that mood contributes to a strong sense...

TRACK REVIEW: Julianna Barwick “Meet You At Midnight”

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Julianna Barwick have collaborated on a project. Dogfish Head is releasing a special brew IPA (with a touch of red rice and wasabi) titled Rosabi, after Barwick's new album. A track, "Meet You At...

Teen Teeny Lieberson

INTERVIEW: Teeny Lieberson of TEEN

AudioFemme caught up with Teeny Lieberson to chat about TEEN’s new album The Way and the Color, what the possibility of motherhood means to musicians, and advice for ladies aspiring to become musicians. AudioFemme: I heard that you’re touring...

ALBUM REVIEW: Jeffertitti’s Nile “The Electric Hour”

Jeffertitti's Nile's new album definitely runs on its psychedelic rock vibes, but it sound more like the soundtrack to an action-packed space opera than Jefferson Airplane or the Beatles. It challenges the importance of genre or categorization in music...

Track Review: Rodrigo Amarante “Tardei”

The final track on Rodrigo Amarante's debut record is called “Tardei” and it features the likes of Fabrizio Moretti, Kristen Wiig, Devendra Banhart, Adam Green, and Josiah Steinbrick as a backing choir.

Brash Flair

ALBUM REVIEW: Brash Flair “Two”

Trip hop duo Brash Flair's most recent album Two was released April 1st. Somehow, though there are only five songs on this EP, they've has managed to create a gorgeous collection of thoughts and movement that feels vast and...

VIDEO REVIEW: Phedre “Sunday Someday”

The video for new track “Sunday Someday” focuses on a group of extravagant diners who enjoy tea cakes and live entertainment. It’s a softer, though no less mesmeric, hit from Phedre and the video only brings more liveliness and...

The Bad Plus

ALBUM REVIEW: The Bad Plus “The Rite of Spring”

"The Rite of Spring" is the most engaging album the Bad Plus has put out, just in terms of the dedication and focus to a concept and theme. The music explores the spring, the earth, in all of its...

TRACK REVIEW: “Illusions of Time”

"Illusions of Time" marks Berlin duo Kiko King & creativemaze's first official release. This unfocussed track may seem a bit generic or sensational in concept, but the music holds it together.