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Alexa Peters is a freelance writer living in Seattle, WA. She has written about music, travel, and lifestyle for The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, No Depression, Paste, Seattle Magazine, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, and Fretboard Journal. When she’s not writing, she likes crate-digging for vinyl, talking to dogs, and eating Thai food.

PLAYING SEATTLE: Katie Kuffel Premieres Video for Recovery Anthem “Jelly Donut”

In 2013, Seattle musician Katie Kuffel broke out as a fierce-yet-tender songwriter, with artful piano skills and a husky, blues-imbued voice. She's also made a name for herself as a community builder, organizing the Fremont Abbey Sessions in 2016—a community-driven music and video project—and striving to collaborate with and raise up local talent. Kuffel is [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Classic Albums By Women

The art of listening to an album—front to back—is in some ways, a lost one. At least, this is what Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy believed when she founded Classic Album Sundays, a worldwide podcast and website made specifically for album lovers that features filmed interviews with artists, stories behind classic albums, curated playlists and more. “I [...]

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PLAYING SEATTLE: PAMPA Bridges Cultures on La Contumacia

To Moon Baillie, an immigrant from Buenos Aires and the lead singer and songwriter of Seattle-band PAMPA, to be an expat is to "look at yourself, where you come from, understand it, digest it, and express it" in order to add to your new home. For Baillie, writing songs for PAMPA has been a vehicle [...]

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PREMIERE: On “I’ll Be Home” Dori Freeman Balances Music and Motherhood

Photo by Kristina LeBlanc When Dori Freeman broke out in 2016, it felt as if the whole world was hanging on her heart-wrenching voice and vulnerable storytelling. Three years and three albums later, Freeman's work still has that power, and yet she's replaced heartbreak with the buoyancy of a happy marriage (to her [...]

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PLAYING SEATTLE: Lemolo Premieres “South of Sound” Single Ahead of New LP

Photo by Jacquilyn Shumate As much as the Seattle sound is about notions of counterculture and nonconformity, the ever-present majesty of the area's natural surroundings is embedded within it as well, offering a sense of cohesion among what is otherwise a city of musical eclecticism. The melancholy gray skies, majestic evergreen forests, and [...]

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PLAYING SEATTLE: SassyBlack Returns With Latest Solo LP Ancient Mahogany Gold

SassyBlack, a.k.a. Catherine Harris-White, has spent years making lunar-inflected R&B and sending Seattle audiences on a funky galactic journey—both as a member several Seattle-based groups, like rap duo THEESatisfaction, and now as a formidably innovative and prolific solo artist. With a production vibe reminiscent of Roy Ayers and Pharrell, and an expressive vocal style that [...]

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PLAYING SEATTLE: Golden Idols Explore Realistic Side of Love on Uneasy EP

On "Getting My Own Place," a new song from Seattle band Golden Idols'  Uneasy EP, lead singer Patrick Broz croons, "I need some space, and you do too/We need some time to work this whole mess through/Couples counseling or admit we're through: I'm getting my own place." It's a tragically familiar refrain for most people [...]

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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Highlights from Pickathon 2019

I’m somewhat of a veteran outdoor music festivals—growing up in Seattle, my hippy musician parents would tote me around to local festivals like Folklife and Bumbershoot, and several summer music camps throughout the west coast. By ten years-old, I was well-acquainted with dusty Birkenstock-clad feet, the usefulness of a good waterproof fanny pack, and the [...]

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PLAYING SEATTLE: Drummer Heather Thomas Opens Up on Gritty New EP

Seattle-based singer, songwriter, and drummer Heather Thomas has held it down on the kit since she was a kid in Puyallup, WA, playing in her church youth group band and learning percussion parts from her dad. Steadily, through writing and performing her own songs, teaching music, and touring with notable Seattle-bred artists like Mary Lambert, [...]

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PLAYING SEATTLE: Fall in Love with Lizzie Weber’s Latest Single, “When You Look At Me”

press photo by Tony Hammons Like a child's pirouette, the new single from songwriter Lizzie Weber, "When You Look At Me," spins gentle and dreamlike. Inspired by the early days of her relationship with her now-husband, "When You Look at Me," is sung with the sort of tender lilt that plunges someone into [...]

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