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PLAYING DETROIT: Mountains and Rainbows “Particles”

Particles is salty and dry, thirst inducing and never quenching. It is that very thirst that makes Mountains and Rainbows' long awaited exploration of chaos so surprisingly satisfying. It's a high without the hangover.

PLAYING DETROIT: Moonwalks “Steam Train”

No, you’re not crazy. It was just a few short months ago that I was praising Lunar Phases, the debut LP from the ¬†space-psych rock four piece¬†Moonwalks. Where Lunar Phases left off, their latest track “Steam Train” picks up...

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Smoke Season “Bees”

The music video for “Bees” by Smoke Season is as trippy as you can get. The figures of Jason Rosen (formerly of Honor Society) and vocalist Gabrielle Wortman (from TEMP3ST) stand in front of a wall of swirling light,...