When Push Comes to Shove: Etiquette in the Mosh Pit

The live music experience is a major part of music fandom, and anyone who attends concerts regularly can attest that there's an unspoken sense in the air of how to behave and interact with one another at most shows. In venues of any size, hosting any band, of any genre, there is simple etiquette that one [...]

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REVIEW: How to Be a Rock Critic

All Lester Bangs wants to do is listen to his favorite record: Van Morrison’s 1968 masterpiece, Astral Weeks. If only he could find his copy. It’s got to be around here somewhere, beneath the splayed magazines, take-out containers, and just a few thousand other LPs. Such is the inciting dilemma of Jessica Blank and Erik [...]

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ARTIST INTERVIEW: Monograms Discuss New ‘Silencer’ EP

Originally a solo project created by Brooklyn musician Ian Jacobs, Monograms is now a fully fledged band. Their latest release, Silencer, explores a grittier side of hook-filled pop music by distilling it with elements of lo-fi garage rock. There’s a sense of dreaminess that hangs over the entire EP, akin to looking through the haze of [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Vanbot “Siberia”

Vanbot's latest full-length Siberia has arrived, and though it immediately seems like the ultimate relaxation record, it was created by a musician far out of her comfort zone. After getting rid of an entire album because she was unhappy with the end result, Swedish musician Ester Ideskog brought producers Petter Winnberg and Johannes Berglund along on a literal journey; [...]

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A Female-Fronted Future: Thoughts on SXSW 2017

Snail Mail at SXSW 2017. Photo by Lindsey Rhoades I didn't even have to break out my "The Future is Female" t-shirt to sound the alarm; at South by Southwest last week, the message was loud and clear. In a whirlwind five days, I saw dozens of acts - mostly emerging or signed to small [...]

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EP REVIEW: Roland Tings “Each Moment a Diamond”

True to its title, Roland Tings' newest collection is sparkly and shined to perfection. To create this album, the Berlin-based, Melbourne-native producer worked through an obsessive routine where he repeated the same simple actions every day, like the route he took the studio or what he ate for breakfast. This structure aided the keen editing attention to [...]

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How EDM Helped Me Heal from Anxiety

It's June 2016 and I'm testing how low I can get before breaking down. I've worked until midnight and gotten up at four to churn out more writing assignments. Seeking comfort from the stress, I reach for the chips in my cupboard, eat more than I intended, panic, and make myself throw up. Unable to [...]

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Wayfarers' newest track "KINGS" is an anthem of empowerment, specifically that which can be found through music. With short claps throughout and a catchy yet minimalistic backing, it's impossible to not get a surge of confidence while listening to "KINGS." It's a throwback for many listeners to that moment when they first heard a specific song [...]

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TRACK REVIEW: ZZ Ward feat. Joey Purp “The Deep”

After not seeing many releases from ZZ Ward since her 2015 EP Love and War, her new single "The Deep" is a refreshing sound for sore ears. "The Deep" finds Ward returning to her roots (alongside MC Joey Purp), channeling the blues and soul sound she's known so well for. Her throaty crooning and twanging guitar [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Vagabon “Infinite Worlds”

  Vagabon press photo by Ebru Yildiz Laetitia Tamko opens her debut record with “The Embers,” painting herself as “a small fish” in a world of fiercer creatures. “You’re a shark that hates everything,” she repeats. “You’re a shark that eats every fish.” In the music video, Tamko sits on a bus, surrounded [...]

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