#NEWMUSICMONDAY: Jinn Grin “The Answer”

Jinn Grin

As your Monday descents into evening, spines uncurl from desk chairs, and you’re allowed to go where you want to be, allow Jinn Grin to ease the transition with the title track of his forthcoming EP, “The Answer.”

Jinn Grin is the solo project of Doug Stuart. Like a Hindu god or some sort of arachnid, Stuart has many (metaphorical) arms, which he make use of musically. If his name sounds familiar, it’s likely from his work playing bass for The California Honeydrops, Bells Atlas, or recent work as keyboardist for Astronauts, etc. Yet even many-armed gods and spiders need some me time, which is why Stuart took some to focus on his own vision – and in doing so gifted us with “The Answer.” Meditative yet energizing, it’s a celestial track perfect to take the office edge off and begin the passage home.

The Answer” comes out June 14. Listen to our New Music Monday pick below.

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Perhapsy “All My Soul Swallowed”


Perhapsy is the main musical project of Derek Barber, a musician from Oakland, CA who has also contributed to bands like Astronauts, etc., In Watermelon Sugar, Chyristian Rawk, Anna Ash and The Winston Jazz Routine. “All My Soul Swallowed” is the first single from Perhapsy’s upcoming sophomore album, Me Tie Dough-ty Walker.

The track is a serene look at the end of a one-sided relationship, starting out with a psychedelic swirl before settling into an easy beat. Guitars are heavily featured in the song, playing simple but rhythmically interesting parts under Barber’s soothing voice. His tone expresses sadness at a friendship’s end (“The ashes raining down on me and you”), but not surprise (“You needed someone to come to, and I knew it from the start/ Now that this friendship’s over, I’ll pretend to play the part”).

 Me Tie Dough-ty Walker is set for release on March 3rd. Check out “All My Soul Swallowed” below!


VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Astronauts, etc. “I Know”

Astronauts, etc

I was studying television production until I got my heart broken and needed an outlet for the pain. I started writing and thus a career was born. From transformative emotional pain to the physical, Anthony Ferraro would have become a classical musician (he trained for nearly two decades) had it not been for his childhood-diagnosed arthritis flaring up while studying music at the University of California, Berkeley. With his hands out of sorts, he could “no longer…play etudes or concertos with the vigor they demanded,” so he dropped out of school. He did not, however, drop out of music. Ferraro began playing music of another variety under the name Astronauts, etc., (apparently he’s a space cadet). He didn’t lose his respect for musical refinement, however. His pop is recorded with a live band of trained jazz players (Scott Brown on bass, Derek Barber on guitar, Aaron Gold on drums, and Doug Stuart on keys and vocals).

In watching the video for “I Know” we must assume that under the skin of Ferraro’s head lies not a skull, but a disco ball, to which we are invited into. It’s pop, but refined pop. Smooth pop, intelligent and perfectly performed pop. It has a soul, and could very easily be classified as indie rock, but for the story of the classical musician who lost his hands and discovered a parallel universe I’ll call it – pop!

Astronauts, etc.’s debut album, Mind Out Wandering, comes out September 18th on Hit City U.S.A.

Watch the video for “I Know” below, directed by Vinyl Williams.

VIDEO REVIEW: Astronauts “In My Direction”

wall kneel 1 b_w mailout

London-based Dan Carney is driving the firetruck of every little boy’s childhood fantasy by growing up to become a musician known as Astronauts.

“In My Direction,” the latest single from his debut album Hollow Ponds is spooky folk-pop with cascading vocal harmonies from Carney complemented by a little help from his friend and fellow sorcerer Michael Cranny.

After what I imagine to be top-secret meetings, the video was conceived and created by Armenia-based production company Manana Films. After an opening that sets your skin on fire with the creepy, crawly, yet beautifully intelligent and composed movement of a colony of ants, it stars Armenian actor Andranik Lavchyan roaming around the capital city of Yerevan. The first shot of Lavchyan on the run is startling; he wears a determined and crazed facial expression that elicits both concern for his well-being along with your own. 

Unlike the ants that move gracefully in mass with a preordained mission, which he tramples over unawarely while jogging on pavement, Lavchyan’s movements are jerky and and emanate solitude. He is the awkward human soul that haunts the Astronauts’ creative vision.

Shake up your office Friday afternoon and follow Astronauts to the carnival. Enjoy the video below.