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Oakland Duo Brijean Vibe Out With Moody Debut Album ‘Feelings’

Brijean Murphy’s life was already under great emotional renovation when she began recording a new album. Working toward greater self-love and self-nurturing, she turned the smaller, foundational building blocks of that practice into songs – alongside collaborator Doug Stuart...

#NEWMUSICMONDAY: Jinn Grin “The Answer”

As your Monday descents into evening, spines uncurl from desk chairs, and you're allowed to go where you want to be, allow Jinn Grin to ease the transition with the title track of his forthcoming EP, "The Answer."

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Astronauts, etc. “I Know”

I was studying television production until I got my heart broken and needed an outlet for the pain. I started writing and thus a career was born. From transformative emotional pain to the physical, Anthony Ferraro would have become...