VIDEO REVIEW: Saint Motel “Move”


Los Angeles-based indie rockers Saint Motel just released a remix for their single “Move,” and Jenaux’s high-energy rework seems like the perfect excuse to revisit the band’s big-budget video for the original. A play on the glitchy aesthetics of of their record, Saintmotelevision, the video is set in a 1960s-era newsroom struggling with its ratings. The band is called in to stoke viewership, but accidental fire and destruction is the only thing that can finally send those rating skyrocketing.

The video’s sharp, perfectly-timed transitions match the song’s upbeat bursts of energy, while the Sixties motif highlights the band’s retro grooves. With such fiery beats, it’s no wonder the band winds up engulfed in flames.

You can stream Saintmotelevision now on Spotify, watch the video below, and download the remix via the band’s website.