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Nicole is a New Yorker born and raised who is always searching for new music to dance to. Music has been her obsession since she was thirteen and hopped into a circle pit at a local ska show for the first time. When not writing about shows and other circumstances in her life, Nicole can be found riding her sexy pink bike, cuddling up with her cat, or trying to find something to explore in Brooklyn.

LIVE REVIEW: San Fermin @ Brooklyn Steel

On May 13, San Fermin returned to Brooklyn, where they got their start, to put on a show worth remembering. Though the venue, Brooklyn Steel, just opened, several band members mentioned during the show just how important it was to be playing a homecoming gig, and they performed their hearts out to show their love and appreciation [...]

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TRACK REVIEW: Stonefield “Sister”

Life is tough, and sometimes you need a dense track to complement that type of outlook. If you've found yourself in need of this type of song lately, then search no further than Stonefield's track "Sister." It's the perfect descriptor for a quartet of Aussie sisters who have been playing together since the youngest was only seven, [...]

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  Americana folk artist Ty Cooper delivers some smooth, soulful music in the form of his latest EP Fool. The EP is full of inspiration and drips with passion, and it's evident upon first listening to his crooning vocals that it's a piece that Ty's put his heart and soul into. Fool is a showcase of romance and [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Vanbot “Siberia”

Vanbot's latest full-length Siberia has arrived, and though it immediately seems like the ultimate relaxation record, it was created by a musician far out of her comfort zone. After getting rid of an entire album because she was unhappy with the end result, Swedish musician Ester Ideskog brought producers Petter Winnberg and Johannes Berglund along on a literal journey; [...]

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EP REVIEW: Roland Tings “Each Moment a Diamond”

True to its title, Roland Tings' newest collection is sparkly and shined to perfection. To create this album, the Berlin-based, Melbourne-native producer worked through an obsessive routine where he repeated the same simple actions every day, like the route he took the studio or what he ate for breakfast. This structure aided the keen editing attention to [...]

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Wayfarers' newest track "KINGS" is an anthem of empowerment, specifically that which can be found through music. With short claps throughout and a catchy yet minimalistic backing, it's impossible to not get a surge of confidence while listening to "KINGS." It's a throwback for many listeners to that moment when they first heard a specific song [...]

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TRACK REVIEW: ZZ Ward feat. Joey Purp “The Deep”

After not seeing many releases from ZZ Ward since her 2015 EP Love and War, her new single "The Deep" is a refreshing sound for sore ears. "The Deep" finds Ward returning to her roots (alongside MC Joey Purp), channeling the blues and soul sound she's known so well for. Her throaty crooning and twanging guitar [...]

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EP REVIEW: Milo Greene’s “Never Ender”

New music from Milo Greene is always exciting, and the group has been actively building up to their next great release after 2015's Control. The quartet released their latest EP Never Ender through Nettwerk Music Group in February, and it holds much the same energy of past releases: a dark and somber mood mixed with vibrant, ethereal [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Cotillon “Alex’s Room”

Starting off with distorted guitar and indistinguishable background conversation, Cotillon's latest single "Alex's Room" sets listeners up for relaxation and nostalgia with this chill, fuzzy garage rock tune. It also may have listeners wondering, who is Alex, and why is anyone in his room? The song is restless from the first line, as frontman Jordan Corso sings about a loss [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Hayes Peebles at Rockwood Music Hall

Hayes Peebles packed Rockwood Music Hall February 23, where he soothed listeners with his charming vocals and calming aura. Backed by a full band, Peebles showcased his newly released EP Ghosts, and with it, the New York-based singer/songwriter also delivered a much-needed tranquility to the city. The night was filled with swooning and swaying to Peebles' laid-back [...]

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