VIDEO REVIEW: Avers “Evil”



Turn up your Tuesday with a psych-pop infused coffee break and watch the new video “Evil” from Avers. The Richmond-based rockers cry “Evil’s in the garden and nobody wants her…”  Well, I want her. I am evil. Today, we are all evil. In burlesque masks and creepy (yet oddly seductive) clown costumes, guests dancing with chains, the six-piece group cranks up the amps and throws a party for all the freaks and monsters in their new video decked out with just the amount of creep. It’s the prom you always wanted, complete with lavish tongue kisses, and rather than fear teachers smelling the booze on your breathe all you’ve got to worry about is a possible apocalypse and the night ending with an orgy. “Dark echo rock” is the best-fitting label I’ve heard to describe these guys, couture if you will.