TRACK REVIEW: Throwing Snow ft. Adda Kaleh “The Tempest”


Throwing Snow

London-based electronic musician Ross Tones, better known as Throwing Snow, has just released a track from his upcoming EP Pathfinder featuring Bucharest vocalist Adda Kaleh. As you can tell a bit from the name, this new EP is intended to accompany a journey or trip. So, give “The Tempest” a try when you’re taking the train or driving to work.

The track is meant to reflect the sounds of a storm, opening with rather harsh, dissonant sounds. Clanging might be the appropriate word. The bass is full of an easy, if a bit mysterious, movement, and the rolling rhythm carries the listener along through the whole song.

Adda Kaleh

Adda Kaleh vocals play foil to the dissonance, making the song more accessible to those looking for melody. Her voice adds a musical quality to “The Tempest”‘s atmospheric tones. Throwing Snow’s work has been described as having a “steely coldness,” a trait that’s certainly easy to pick up on with this new track.

An even more intriguing rhythm comes in at about two minutes, accompanied by a bit of viola, bringing acts like Flying Lotus and Tricky to mind. The end of the song is its peak. Kaleh sings a melody which is lovely, dark, and adds to the air of mystery. More so than a full-on storm, a windy mist or haze seems to fit here, with Kaleh trapped inside. It’s both fascinating and a little bizarre.

Look out for Pathfinder, coming out on March 25, and listen to “The Tempest” below: