VIDEO PREMIERE: Ona, “Open My Hips”


NYC-based visual artist and Instagram vixen, Ona, is following up her debut EP from earlier this year with a new sex-positive music video for sensual dream-pop record, “Open My Hips”. The track is beautifully orchestrated, featuring melodic piano lines, ferocious crashing high-hat drums, and most notably Ona’s gorgeous, breathy alto vocals which have drawn comparisons to alt-rock darlings like Mazzy Star (though I would lean more toward shoegaze ladies like Rachel Goswell from Slowdive or Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser.) In any case, the song as a whole is one of the better tracks I’ve heard in a while (especially the spectacularly composed bridge), and indicates big things to come from her debut full-length due out early 2017. This record will undoubtedly be making our year end list.

The video is a lush, dreamy explorations of sex and power, as Ona beckons us into her figurative and literal forest.  Most of the shots feature her in various stages of undress, bathed in waning sunlight and writhing around in nature like a wood nymph, at times provocative, at times impish and romantic and at others down right raunchy in all the best ways.

Catch a first glimpse of the video below, and look out for her highly-anticipated full-length album due out next year.

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