TRACK REVIEW: Ty Segall “Break a Guitar”


Ty Segall’s “Break A Guitar” is a classic hair metal rock ‘n’ roll number straight out of the 80s, complete with screaming guitar solos and rocker attitude. The basics of the song itself aren’t very complex: it’s got repetitive guitar riffs peppered with an unwavering drumline, and carefree, self-assured vocals throughout. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to throw on and jam out to, particularly at top volume.

In fact, this single as a stand-alone is a bit refreshing—it demonstrates that his recently released second self-titled album is the exact type of raw, impassioned garage rock we’ve come to expect from Ty Segall. His previously released single, “Orange Color Queen,” seemed to be a deviation from that—a melodic and mildly unexpected love song, it hinted at the possibility of a new direction. But overall, this album—Segall’s ninth over the course of his prolific history—is as hard-hitting as past works. The inclusion of more honest, contemplative songs reflect a more refined work overall, while “Break A Guitar” represents that vintage Ty Segall sass.

He’ll be touring the U.S. this year with his full band, meaning there will be ample opportunities to experience the exuberance of his live shows. Get amped for destruction with “Break A Guitar” below:

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