TRACK PREMIERE: Lily and Horn Horse “Next To Me”



Lily Konigsberg is one third of Palberta, a confusing, experimental, instrument-swapping trio based in upstate New York. Matt Norman creates intricate, instrumental compositions under the moniker Horn Horse. Fate brought them together when Matt went to his former residence in search of a lost blanket only to find Lily, its new tenant and fellow Bard graduate. The rest, as they say, is history. The two soon became collaborators and together, they make up both parts of Lily and Horn Horse, combining their strengths to make a welcomingly different type of pop music.

The duo recently signed to Ramp Local to release their debut LP, Next To Me, due in late September. The title track is a quick but satisfying single which, according to the two musicians, is “about schooling an oblivious suitor, and becoming aware of infinite love.” Lily’s voice is soft and light as she repeats several lines, almost like a mantra put to melody: “Do you see what I see? / Listen to me beforehand, baby / If you want to get next to me.”

Though undeniably a dance track, Matt’s compositional flair shines through in cinematic flourishes and jazzy, stuttering synths that at one point melt convincingly into the sound of traffic. The vocal lines are catchy but unexpected, and pair well with the many rhythmic layers. It’s pop music with a playful quirkiness, so their supporting spot on Deerhoof’s fall tour makes perfect sense. Catch both bands together in Brooklyn at Villain on 10/7, and stream the single “Next To Me” below.