TRACK OF THE WEEK: Why Bonnie “Made of Paper”

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You can’t escape your past or the skin you’re born into. Blair Howerton of Austin, TX bedroom pop outfit Why Bonnie delivers this harsh reality in an unexpectedly uplifting package on “Made of Paper,” the latest single from the band’s upcoming debut EP In Water. It’s a bright, catchy earworm that warmly illustrates personal, intimate scenes from Howerton’s every day life, from her messy kitchen filled with dirty spoons to a cozy fireside reading spot. These wistful scenes might seem inviting, but they’re also ultimately isolating; when Howerton laments “You don’t know all the songs that I’ve sung,” it feels like a plea meant to draw someone closer who still hovers at a distance. The song’s swirling lead guitar lines and bouncy rhythm section seem like a good excuse to get to know Why Bonnie much better. In Water is due to be released February 16th via Sports Day Records.

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