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  Welcome to our weekly show recommendation column RSVP HERE - your source for the best NYC shows and interviews with some of our favorite local live bands. Providence, Rhode Island rockers GYMSHORTS join Dune Rats on a couple dates of their tour, including this Tuesday 11/12 at Rough Trade. Frontwoman Sarah Greenwell formed GYMSHORTS [...]

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RSVP HERE: A Deer A Horse Play Brooklyn Bazaar + MORE

Welcome to our new weekly show recommendation column RSVP HERE - your source for the best NYC shows and interviews with some of our favorite local live bands. This week A Deer A Horse are supporting The Art Gray Noizz Quintet featuring Lydia Lunch for one of Brooklyn Bazaar’s final shows. The Art Gray Noizz [...]

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CHECK THE SPREADSHEET: Documenting A DIY Tour with Tips From Steven Anselm

Touring is eventful and exciting, but the days eventually begin to blend together. Venues and bands blur, and people’s names are the last thing that will stick in your mind. It’s best to appoint a member of the band to take photos and/or journal your time on the road, or even bring along a tour [...]

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AF 2018 IN REVIEW: Hardest Working DIY Bands on Tour in 2018

Below is our list of the Hardest Working DIY Touring bands of 2018 keeping the DIY dream alive! We asked each band  about their favorite moments, what they have learned, and/or are most proud of from this past year. photo credit: @zb_images North By North (Chicago, IL) 212 shows I caught North By [...]

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AF 2018 IN REVIEW: Best DIY Promoters, Collectives, & Venues

After 121 shows touring and at home this year with my five projects - Sharkmuffin, Gustaf, Gesserit, Kino Kimino, and Ex-Girlfriends (RIP) - here are my picks for the best DIY promoters, collectives and venues of 2018! We chatted with everyone about their favorite shows, stories, and overall reflections on what they've accomplished and are [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Music for your Holiday Hangover + More

Music for Your Holiday Hangover We have officially entered the holi-daze time between Christmas and New Year's Eve, so let's review all the beautiful-to-bizarre Christmas music released last week. Spider-Man released a Christmas album. The Flaming Lips covered David Bowie and Bing Crosby's Christmas Medley. Mac DeMarco collaborated with Kirin J. Callinan and covered Nat King Cole's [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Rock Hall’s Newest Inductees, New Music from Amanda Palmer + MORE

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees Announced The inductees to 2019's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were announced this week and include Stevie Nicks, The Zombies, Radiohead, Def Leppard, Janet Jackson, The Cure, and Roxy Music (with Brian Eno). Stevie Nicks is the first woman to be inducted twice - first with Fleetwood Mac [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: RIP Pete Shelley, Primavera Sound Festival Lineup Announced + MORE

RIP Pete Shelley Lead singer, guitarist and prolific songwriter Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks passed away from a suspected heart attack on December 5th. The Buzzcocks formed in 1975 after Shelley and Howard Devoto saw The Sex Pistols. Shelley perfected the three-minute power pop song with hits like "Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Celine Dion Accused of Satanism, New Music from Grimes, Neil Young + More

Celine the Satanist What do Robert Johnson, Black Sabbath and Celine Dion all have in common? They have all been accused of devil-worship. This week, Dion has joined this category thanks to comments made by priest and exorcist Msgr. John Esseff. Dion hasn't visited the crossroads or beheaded any doves. She's launched a gender neutral [...]

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After a show in Lawrence, Kansas my old band Ex-Girlfriends pulled up to a random house where we were going to sleep that night. There were garbage bags covering the garage windows, conjuring images of the mutilated dead bodies hidden inside. Our bandmate had set up these accommodations last minute and assured us it was [...]

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