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LIVE REVIEW: Sharps, Jessica Audiffred, G-Rex at Hollywood Palladium

When we last caught up with Mexico City-based DJ Jessica Audiffred in 2016, she was putting out high-energy, catchy tracks like the future bass masterpiece “Higher,” the trappy “K.O.,” the intense “GTFB,” and her infectious remix of Marshmello’s “Alone.”...

How EDM Helped Me Heal from Anxiety

It’s June 2016 and I’m testing how low I can get before breaking down. I’ve worked until midnight and gotten up at four to churn out more writing assignments. Seeking comfort from the stress, I reach for the chips...

ARTIST INTERVIEW: Jessica Audiffred

Jessica Audiffred's story provides an inspiring example of an artist who got excited about her genre and just threw herself into it head-first. We talked to her about the EDM scene and how she got where she is.