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A soothing and heavenly departure from her history as a folk artist and frontwoman of The Normandies, Kaylan Waterman slipped into new waters with her latest project VESPRE. Introducing this new exploration with the track “Siren,” VESPRE produces an aural shimmering pool of blurry constellations, reflective and curious. “Siren” rides the line of R&B, ethereal electronica and unearthed Disney princess without begging for comparison (although there are Madonna-esque moments that are pleasantly unexpected.) Waterman’s voice never frays but waivers and trails patiently, like a comet in slow motion with a clear and defiant trajectory. What “Siren” offers is a mirror and an escape both confrontational and reassuring. Waterman paints an entire personal history with a few thoughtfully crafted lines: “It’s a fight to the finish/I’m heading straight for the limit/It was a war to begin with/No telling who’s going to end it.” Placed in her swirling, celestial abyss, it acts as a measured anthem of low-key empowerment.

Take flight with the debut track from VESPRE:

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