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Jerilyn Jordan is an untamed writer with an insatiable affinity for vivid descriptive detail and pushing the boundaries of traditional music journalism. In addition to her music coverage, Jerilyn also writes heartbreaking and comedic autobiographical essays that likely originated as sporadic sentences written on bar napkins.

PLAYING DETROIT: Anna Burch Keeps It Cool With Polyvinyl

photo by Katie Nuemann Few Detroit based singer-songwriters have hustled as hard as former Frontier Ruckus songstress Anna Burch, heartbreaker and sorceress of breathy lo-fi honesty. And as of last week, we aren't the only ones to be enchanted by Burch's brand of pretty pain and ennui. Polyvinyl Records (Xiu Xiu, Deerhoof and [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Folkie May Erlewine Charms with “Never One Thing”

Okay, so she's not from Detroit proper, but we couldn't help but feel moved by small-town folk songstress May Erlewine's video for "Never One Thing," the first single from her forthcoming record Mother Lion. Erlewine comes from a deeply musical family - her father Michael founded AllMusic - that hails from Big Rapids, and she's released [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Prude Boys Get Frisky in “Talking to Myself” Video

What do you get when you cross a water balloon fight and karaoke with one of Detroit's most beloved dive bars? Well, you might get the latest video from garage rockers Prude Boys. The visual for their latest single "Talking to Myself" finds DIY babes Caroline Myrick, Quennton Thornbury and Connor Dodson delivering what they [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: JRJR “Clean Up” Nice on New Track

There is an undeniable Paul Simon Graceland vibe veiled in the stripped down honesty of "Clean Up," the latest track from indie pop darlings JRJR's unofficial forthcoming record. The band (Josh Epstein, Dan Zott, Bryan Pope and Mike Higgins) have shifted their focus inward and in doing so has found that less is more. Though "Clean [...]

By |2018-08-09T17:05:38-05:00September 27th, 2017|COLUMNS, Playing Detroit|

PLAYING DETROIT: Tunde Olaniran Goes a Shade Darker on “Symbol”

photo by Jon Dones In 2015, Flint native, artist and activist Tunde Olaniran enchanted with his vibrant, otherworldly debut Transgressor. Since then, we have been waiting with bated breath for new music. Earlier this month that wish was granted as Olaniran released the incredibly slinky and oceanic single "Symbol" which leads us to [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Tart Returns as a Trio on New EP Toothache

Sweet, sour and glittering with adrenaline (appropriately named) transcendent Detroit trio Tart have made a reputation for themselves by deconstructing new wave and electroclash to spawn their genre-defying sound. Together, vocalist Zee Bricker, guitarist Adam Michael Lee Padden and drummer Donny Blum form a vibrantly expressive shred-pop outfit who approach each song as a fresh [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Valley Hush Bid Summer Farewell With “Goodbye, Sweet Mango”

The last time we heard from indie pop duo Valley Hush, they had just released a melty, celestial self-titled debut LP that explored ambition, passion and the art of getting out of your own way. This time around, singer Lianna Vanicelli and producer Alex Kaye explore longing and loss with a soaring swan song: their [...]

By |2018-08-09T17:05:59-05:00August 30th, 2017|COLUMNS, Playing Detroit|

PLAYING DETROIT: White Bee Adds Neo-Soul Buzz to “Beat State”

The term neo-soul has been popping up around the Detroit music scene more and more frequently these days. Used to describe a blend of R&B, soul and non-traditional inclusions of jazz and hip-hop, neo-soul is becoming more of an overall aesthetic than just a sonic nuance. And no one embodies this quite like foursome White [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Mona Haydar Debuts “Dog” with Feminist Bite

Poet, activist and rapper Mona Haydar is flipping the script with "Dog" (ft. Jackie Cruz), the first single from her forthcoming EP. Haydar, a Flint native best known for her much-publicized "Ask A Muslim" project - in which she and her husband opened the door to strangers' questions in hopes of dismantling the stigma surrounding her [...]

By |2018-08-09T17:06:07-05:00August 16th, 2017|COLUMNS, Playing Detroit|

PLAYING DETROIT: Frontier Ruckus Share “Enter the Kingdom” Video

Frontier Ruckus has been dishing out deeply personal, heavy-hearted folk rock for fifteen years. Their latest installment of polite devastation comes in the form of Enter the Kingdom. Their fifth record (released in the February of this year) comes full circle with the striking visual for the album's title track, which premiered on Billboard last week. [...]

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