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Nketiah Creates a Lush Electronic Soundscape with Mauve

I have to say it: I do not like long albums. If an album goes over twelve tracks, the synapses of my brain will cross and I will be lost in an impenetrable fog. I’ll probably start the album...

PLAYING DETROIT: Ancient Language Embraces Change on Third LP ‘HYGGE’

Photo by Paul Stevens Ancient Language exists on a metamorphic scale, constantly shapeshifting to fit the change of the seasons – or life – of original founder Christopher Jarvis. Jarvis started Ancient Language in 2011 as a solo hip-hop/house...


  Memorial Day weekend means one thing and one thing only for most of Detroit: techno. For the past 17 years (on and off due to regulatory restrictions, budgeting issues and exponential crowd growth) Detroit celebrates its role as...


A soothing and heavenly departure from her history as a folk artist and frontwoman of The Normandies, Kaylan Waterman slipped into new waters with her latest project VESPRE. Introducing this new exploration with the track “Siren,” VESPRE produces an...

PLAYING DETROIT: Humons “Try it for Me”

Enjoy the video for “Try it for Me,” a stunning visual marriage of organic and digital landscapes, both of which reflect the sincere duality of the EP Spectra bringing Humons’ vision full circle.

PLAYING DETROIT: Humons “Underneath”

“Dream house” voyager Ardalan Sedghi is Humons, a kinetically electrified project whose atomic beats swell in “Underneath” the debut single from the Spectra EP due out this fall.