/PLAYING DETROIT: ADULT. Return with Avant-Garde Video

PLAYING DETROIT: ADULT. Return with Avant-Garde Video

Over the course of 20 years, electro-clash duo ADULT. has challenged the conventional with avant-garde prowess and an unmatched affection for letting their freak flag fly. Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller returned last month with an experimental collaboration and their seventh record Detroit House Guests. 

“We Chase the Sound” (featuring Shannon Funchess of Brooklyn band Light Asylum and !!!) is a brooding, pulsating dark corner riot and its video companion is a testament to the duo’s unique capacity for connecting the line between art and audio. Paired with knocking synths and hyper-sexual panting, the addition of Shannon Funchess’ carnally commanding presence is not so much a breath of fresh air as it is a pleasantly masochistic hand over the mouth. Convulsive and uneasy, “We Chase the Sound” has Terrence Malick party-scene tendencies. Haze-heavy with static spasms, the world created here is intoxicating and dangerous; the underground unearthed.

Slip into some pleather and dive into the twisted world of ADULT. with “We Chase the Sound” below:

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