VIDEO REVIEW: Sheer Mag “Fan The Flames”


Sheer Mag

I was introduced to the catchy brilliance that is Sheer Mag by a friend via an iMessage group chat about a month ago. “Anyone going to Sheer Mag on Saturday? They’re my new fav band and all I know abut them is that put out one perfect EP last year.” So I listened, and drank boxed wine in a sweaty DIY punk basement, and then finally understood. Philly-based Sheer Mag is essentially the most fun and danceable modern day rock and roll I have heard in a very long time. A week ago they released a music video for “Fan The Flames,” another catchy tune off their new EP which is simply titled II. It is clips of a live show similar to the one that I witnessed just a month ago here in Seattle. For all you NYC folk, Sheer Mag will be at Baby’s All Right on May 9th. 

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