(image: Kristen-Wrzesniewski) GEMS is the shadow pop brainchild of Lindsay Pitts and Clifford John Usher -- two Virginia bred musicians-- who met while simultaneously attending the University of Virginia. After years of playing together, their vision coalesced under the moniker GEMS in 2012. You probably remember them as one of the mysterious internet bands whose [...]

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CMJ 2015: Top 10 Parties Not To Miss

Unless you've been living under a rock or completely off the grid since fall started, you know that CMJ, possibly the best festival for discovering new music, is taking over NYC next week. There's no way to see everything, but here's some CMJ parties you definitely cannot miss (including ours): 10/13 - 7:30 pm - Good Room - Garage [...]

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FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party – The Femme’s Picks

Capitol Hill Block Party is Seattle’s beloved street party meets music festival. Usually convening at the end of July, this is the block party’s third year running. Taking up over six city blocks, it showcases more than 100 artists. The neighborhood of Capitol Hill, traditionally known for its colorful artist and music fueled culture, will [...]

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In case you missed it, we premiered a really rad EP earlier this month, from Brooklyn's Scam Avenue. But we felt you deserved more, and are hereby declaring the dark electro-pop trio our Artist of the Month. As most miracles happen in New York, they met through Craig's List. The rest is well, history unfolding, [...]

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NORTHSIDE HIGHLIGHTS: Shilpa Ray & Sun Ra Arkestra @ Rough Trade

An unlikely lineup at the last night of Brooklyn’s seventh annual Northside Festival, one angsty crooner Shilpa Ray opening for the sparkly and jubilant Sun Ra Arkestra. In a way it was the perfect bill, not only due to the heightened quality of the musicians on it, but that their disparity satisfies every longing you [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: Sara Curtin “Careless”

Sara Curtin, one half of the DC folk-pop duo The Sweater Set just released the single “Careless” from her forthcoming sophomore solo album Michigan Lilium, and AudioFemme is pleased to premiere it. Strummed like the folk star she is, the song both sounds pretty yet carries some seriously emotionally intelligent lyrics ("Boy I'm troubled, I should know). It's smart yet delicious, [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Courtney Barnett @ Bowery Ballroom

“There’s not enough songs about Squash.” Are there not? Not according to Australian singer/songwriter Darren Hanlon. On paper, Hanlon wouldn’t entice me all that much. Solo artist. Acoustic guitar. Singer/songwriter. Cheeky and cheerful folk numbers. Australian. With those keywords I’d fear a Southern Hemisphere Jack Johnson. But, there are exceptions to everything, and it doesn’t [...]

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TRACK REVIEW: Jojee “I Don’t Give A”

Breathe in and exhale a new track from Jojee produced by Mickey Valen. The song was inspired by forbidden love, an unfiltered reaction so magnetic sometimes you just have to let go of social constructs and allow it to swallow you up. According to an inside source, the song "...is the declaration of not giving a f*ck [...]

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