VIDEO REVIEW: Chet Faker “1998”

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Recently, a lot of our favorite music videos have come from the one and only Chet Faker, so its no surprise his latest release is eye-catching and creative. The Australian producer and singer released his debut album, Built on Glass, this week via Downtown Records/Future classic, and “1998” is the second single off of that record following “Talk Is Cheap.”

“1998” revolves around a fairly simple but mightily catchy beat that provides an breezy, dancy background to Faker’s soulful croon. The video, directed by Domenico Bartolo, is a fully animated artwork that begins with inkblots jumping, twirling, and morphing into various shapes to the song’s infectious beat. An animated Chet Faker walks through the black and white landscape, and we watch his journey through this pseudo-Chalkland from many perspectives—the camera switches from looking straight at him as he walks towards us, to following him from behind, to staring directly down or up at him. His surroundings pick up color towards the end of the film and we get an impressive 360 pan of his silhouette before it disappears into an inkblot.

The expert and quirky animation is a perfect visual representation of the song. Enjoy the video below!