The moon controls the tides of our oceans, and since humans are about 60% water, it makes sense that the moon could possibly be influencing the tides of our minds. According to some astrologists, the full moon’s influence on your life can last plus or minus five days. It can signify the culmination of a project or relationship, or inspire you to manifest your best self. In honor of June’s most recent full moon, Asbury Park psych rockers LYONS released a video for their new single “Strawberry Moon.” Soaked in sage and singing bowls, LYONS conduct their strawberry séance in the magical forests of Central Jersey. LYONS’ shoegazey punk is the perfect soundtrack for reflecting on your intentions and moving forward, letting go of what does not serve you, in the shadow of this full moon. LYONS are currently recording their new album to be released on Little Dickman Records and will be playing at Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 13th.

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