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press photo by Dave McMahon San Francisco's The Y Axes latest album No Waves addresses anxiety - both personal and existential - with humor, nostalgic synths, and the kind of emo spirit any '90s kid can respect. The band has a strong a visual component to its live performances, and we get to [...]

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PREMIERE: Home Body Subvert Heteronormativity in “DNA” Video

Photo by Anja Schutz The every day tedium of adulthood is wrought with expectations. Health, wealth, career, marriage, home ownership, children: these are the mile markers of the crumbling American Dream. It's up to the newest generations to question, break down, and reorganize these pillars into something that looks like a bearable future. [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Shybaby “When You Were Here”

Brooklyn punk quartet Shybaby add a personal touch to everything they do - and their raw, DIY aesthetic makes their live shows a must-see. That's why we've invited them to play our AudioFemme Holiday Party alongside Grim Streaker and PC Worship. It happens tonight at Alphaville in Bushwick, but to get the festivities started early, [...]

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PREMIERE: Doe Paoro Releases Intimate New Video for “Walk Through The Fire”

LA-by-way-of Syracuse’s dreamy siren, Doe Paoro, and her new album, Soft Power, are the kind of dynamic sonic duo rarely found in the music industry today. Passionate and empowered, Soft Power combines the alluring mystique of The Shirelles, The Ronnettes, and other original girl groups of the '60s, with the kind of blazing soul found [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Code Anchor “Hoist”

Do you remember a time when bands could pack venues with zero social media presence? That was the case for Code Anchor only 8 years ago, who had a significant following in Long Island, NY before their breakup scattered its members across the country. This distance didn’t stop them from rekindling their musical partnership and [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Emily Jane Powers “Sullen Days”

With her latest video, Emily Jane Powers proves there's more than one shade of blue when it comes to feeling sad. The Chicago-based art rocker's clip for "Sullen Days" is an atmospheric meditation on the spectrum of emotions contained within a sullen or sad mood. The entire video was shot on an iPhone by Powers’ [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Powersnap “Chemistry”

The only thing I remember from high school chemistry class is making ice cream and how a microwave works. I don’t remember any specific purple substances guarded by emotionless 20-somethings wearing black. Like Powersnap front woman Romi Hanoch, I too would be intrigued and would feel the need to attain said purple substance. Maybe this [...]

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The moon controls the tides of our oceans, and since humans are about 60% water, it makes sense that the moon could possibly be influencing the tides of our minds. According to some astrologists, the full moon’s influence on your life can last plus or minus five days. It can signify the culmination of a [...]

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INTERVIEW: Sharkmuffin Flashes Fangs in “Factory”

Left to Right: Chris Nunez, Natalie Kirch, Drew Adler, Tarra Thiessen. Photo by Thomas Ignatius. Sharkmuffin have been rocking Brooklyn and beyond for five years now, and plan to commemorate their anniversary with the release of a split EP with their buds The Off White via Little Dickman Records on July 21. Earlier this year, [...]

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Photo by Felix Chan. New York-by-way-of-Maine-based duo Mizuna invite you to escape your hectic week in their new music video for the single "And I Do" off of their debut album, From Away, From Here. Despite spending their childhood together in Maine, Genviève Beaudoin and Mackenzie Leighton aptly became friends in a poetry class at New York [...]

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