TRACK OF THE WEEK: Big Bliss “Surface”

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Earlier this week, Brooklyn’s hardest working post-punk band Big Bliss released “Surface,” the first single from their upcoming record At Middle Distance. Its melodic bass line and swirling jangly guitars create an anxiety-ridden nostalgic fog for the first two minutes until the release its chorus brings. It’s equal parts soothing pop and angsty dissonance. Under the surface of “Surface” is a commentary on how the millennial generation feels like they have been totally screwed by generations before them who ruined the economy. Its lyrics reflect how our peers navigate the current job landscape of service industry and weird media startup jobs that don’t feel like they have much solid ground underneath them, all while living in a time where there is so much pressure and value placed on what young adults actually do. The track engulfs you with the feeling of being a bystander, helplessly observing the dystopian symptoms of our country’s current climate. At Middle Distance is due out October 19th via Exit Stencil Recordings.

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