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/TRACK REVIEW: Von Sell “Hell No”

TRACK REVIEW: Von Sell “Hell No”

Photo courtesy of Andrew Segreti

Von Sell is an electro-pop artist who has the genre of “bedroom pop” on lockdown. Born in New York, raised in Germany, and schooled at Berklee, Von Sell eventually moved to Brooklyn in 2012 to pursue his music career in earnest. A degree in Contemporary Writing and Production and ​piano studies shows itself often within the construction of Von Sell’s music; despite his modern voice and the use of electro beats, the composition of his music is often epic in form – sound that paints a landscape.

His newest single “Hell No” takes the airy, sensual quality of his earlier works and injects the kind of strut that reminds one of Kimbra à la “Miracle“. The track opens with Von Sell’s voice gently conversing with a flame: “I am for sale / but I ain’t cheap / I can’t stay but I ain’t gonna leave you / You can take me down but be gentle when you do.” The beat picks up and for a moment we’re dancing, avoiding the inevitable breakup. There is a lovely fluctuation of tone throughout “Hell No;” it toys with the ear, playing a game of tension and release throughout. It’s a tantalizing glimpse of little snippets of a lovers’ quarrel, observed through red rooms and cracked doorways.

Give it a listen below:

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