Florida band SALES prepare for their upcoming debut album with their latest single “vow” and a small East Coast tour this month. The duo, comprised of Lauren Morgan on guitar and vocals and Jordan Shih on everything else, create intimate pop music that can equally cause dancing and peaceful moments of contemplation.

“vow” simmers and tiptoes on the line between passion and nonchalance. It feels like a first encounter, like the electric current when you catch someone’s eyes from across a room in a crowded party and you’ve been slightly enamored by them for a good hour. The lyrics are understated, matching Morgan’s even, hushed tone, but underneath you can feel the nerves and the million of thoughts rushing through, like listening to a friend sharing anxious thoughts in a small room. Simple phrases like “fell apart in the lows of a laugh” are somehow so lovely that they’ll have a way of popping up in the mind for days after. The steady drums are contrasted by a guitar line that moves in gentle waves, receding during the verses and surging at the chorus and ending. It’s a sweet song without being overly indulgent; quietly tender and immediately endearing. Honest and low key, “vow” rests comfortably in your ears, so charming and inviting that you’ll play it on repeat for days.

Listen to “vow” and check out SALES’  June tour dates below:




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