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TRACK PREMIERE: Gold Child “Tides”

Gold Child is the shimmering, effervescent and wholly unexpected "Mermaid Country" project headed by Berklee trained vocalist and songwriter Emily Fehler, who, accompanied by a very dapper backing band including one of the best damn slide guitarists we've heard in a long while, has quietly gone from obscurity to buzz worthy in a matter of months. [...]

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Bryan Ramos, Benni Aragbaye, Josh "Quick" Ivey and Sir Izik of FRTNK rocking out at UC Riverside. I stumbled upon FRTNK [pronounced “FourteenK”] in the Voodoo Lounge at the House of Blues on Sunset. Their eclectic style (not to mention bare feet) caught my eye, and I was intrigued when the eight men [...]

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ARTIST PROFILE: Dr.Velvet and the Social Drinkers

It’s common for bands to aim for top-notch record labels, huge venues and sell out shows. Success in that arena is all fine and dandy, but when artists are concentrated on how big they get as opposed to the energy of their performance and crowd, the music can lose some of its authenticity. But with creative influences surrounding them their music is well thought out and has the remarkable talent of bringing the audience back to the days when punk rock was all that could be heard blasting out of peoples speakers.

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INTERVIEW: Zach + Bridget

There’s a magic that can be glimpsed when two people are in love. When that beautiful, romantic energy comes together with music the result can be stunning. Zach Galanis and Bridget Schack have been creating captivating songs as a couple for years and are now looking forward to tying the knot later this year. As a duet they are relatively new to the scene but have been performing together for years. Bridgets’ exquisite vocals and Zachs’ musical expertise layer together and create a folk duo that is hard to match.

By |2018-08-09T17:14:12-04:00August 2nd, 2014|FEATURES, Interviews|

LIVE REVIEW: Banshee Bones @ Bar Sinister

When I met the Banshee Bones crew my interest was immediately sparked. They looked like 1970s rock stars that had joined a funky motorcycle gang, freshly beamed from a time machine into 2014. So when they invited me to their gig at Bar Sinister I couldn’t refuse, even though I had never heard their music. I was excited and [...]

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Innovatively-minded, Luna Aura is a part of a generation of artists who strive for societal change through their creative endeavors in the music industry. Her songs, all self written and co-produced, are filled with hypnotic beats and catchy lyrics. Each track is a singular and organic exploration of Luna’s sound, which makes the EP fascinating and keeps [...]

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